Samantha Pressdee: Covered

By Ron Bingham

Samantha Pressdee is crazy… and she has the paperwork to prove it. Samantha is also a passionate activist for social change (something which I think a few audience members missed when they bought tickets, judging from their expressions when Samantha started talking politics, austerity and the lack of mental health support services).

I’m not sure whether a proper non-UK person would understand some of this show (especially if they haven’t heard of Russell Brand), but I loved it. Samantha talks about occupying Sweets Way in 2015 (which was a social housing estate down the road from my place that had been earmarked for demolition and gentrification), describes some of her fellow activists and she tells all about her work for Free The Nipple. Samantha also gives us a detailed description of how she was sectioned, her long slow recovery process and the fight to get any support from the government. We also get a couple of flashes of her Granny Merkin, about which I shall say no more.

As the show progressed I started thinking this would get a much bettter reception at a later timeslot than 4PM. A slightly larger room, a bar and a more boisterous crowd is what the show needs for Samantha to really hit her stride. If you’re not a fan of the current UK government then you’re going to really enjoy this show.

Covered is on at PQA Venues @Riddle’s Court until August 26