5 Good reasons to see The Cult of Comedy presents…

1. Musicians. Clowns. Wordmongers. More than just stand-up, all genres of comedy come here to shine.

2. A different line-up every night, with the best local and international performers. See snippets of their work and then go see the full shows of the ones you love.

3. It’s a cult. Everyone should join a cult once in their lives. This is the best cult. Better than all the cults. It’s tremendous. Believe me.

4. Point #3 was not inspired by the Trumpanzee. It’s just the truth. Not fake news. Just truth.

5. Joy. SO MUCH JOY.

The Cult of Comedy presents… is produced by Sameena Zehra & Lisa Skye at The Upstairs Lounge @ Little Sista

For further information see the MICF website: