5 Good Reasons to See 3 Course Comedy

1. 3 Course Comedy features Michael Shafar, David Rose and Tim Hewitt, who are three of Melbourne’s best up-and-coming comics. They are nice boys and good mates.

2. Michael will be opening the show and he is fully Jewish. David will then follow and he is half Jewish. Tim will then close the show and he is not Jewish at all. Progressively, the show becomes less Jewish. Following this pattern, there’s a good chance that the Pope will perform the encore.

3. David was once heckled by an old Jewish lady with a recipe for chicken soup because he is too skinny.

4. Michael refuses to confirm whether or not that lady was Michael’s grandmother.

5. 3 Course Comedy sold out its entire run at Perth’s Fringe World. For $15 you get to see three gigs from three rising stars on the Australian comedy scene.

3 Course Comedy  is on at Pleasance House Comedy (Level 4, 178 Collins Street) April 5-17 


Hewy and Taunts Go H.A.M.

By Daniel Paproth Hamtauntshewy

I’m a huge fan of hip-hop. So I knew from the second the Melbourne Fringe program was released I wanted to see Hewy and Taunts Go H.A.M. – a reference to the song of the same name by Jay-Z and Kanye West. Unfortunately, the hip-hop is largely restricted to the show’s title and intro and outro music, but you seen forget about all that as you watch two talented young comedians and friends hit out about 25 minutes of their best material.

Sam Taunton is up first, asking provocative questions of the audience’s drug-taking habits “there’s always one person who’s tried ice” and talking about how afraid he is that he will turn into his father. Some of the material misses, some of it hits – especially the highs and lows of living in a share-house and what that teaches you about economics – before he hands over to Tim Hewitt.

Hewitt’s set delves deeper into impressions than Taunton’s, and it works wonderfully well. There is an extended insight into an old man starring in an insurance commercial, positive and upbeat in seeking donations for “the price of a cup of coffee” before an elongated meltdown. His set finishes very, very strongly with a vivid recreation of the Brisbane bogan’s borderline sexual love for utes and V8 Holden Commodores.

Plenty of great moments in this show, which we’ll hopefully see sharpened and fleshed-out in the years to come.

Hewy and Taunts Go H.A.M. is on at The Imperial Hotel til October 2


5 Good Reasons To See Hewy & Taunts Go H.A.M.

1. Tim’s first girlfriend said his flaccid penis was cute.

2. Taunts once fell off his bed during orgasm and caught his sperm.

3. Tim pissed on his mum at his 21st (accidently).

4. Taunts still wishes he didn’t throw away pro golf for bongs.

5. Good boys. Good show. Good way to spend an hour at 6pm at the Imperial.

Hewy & Taunts Go H.A.M. is on at 6PM at the Imperial Hotel from September 26th to

October 2nd

For Info and tickets: https://www.melbournefringe.com.au/program/event/view/169d64f3-4f92-46fc-beaa-220cfb0623b8


Tim Hewitt – Suckerfish

By Luke Simmons Suckerfish

Tim Hewitt’s Suckerfish was a show run at the 2015 Melbourne International Comedy Festival that contained Hewitt and a revolving door of invited comedy acts. This reviewer went on the last night of the festival and it was clear that there was a party atmosphere in the air.

Playing his role as the MC, Hewitt weaved in and out of his material in dream like fashion and brought most attention from the crowd when he gave a Chris Farley-like impression which drew gasps when it became apparent that his head was about to explode.

Michael Shafar then got on the mic and delivered a structured set of comedy material gaining most laughs from his assortment of travel stories. His story about being robbed in Jamaica was one of the night’s highlights. Shafer is an interesting work in progress who demonstrated great skills of storytelling. All that seemed missing with Shafer was a bit of bravado when he steps up to (boss) the mic.

Rob Caruana got onto the stage and wasted no time getting involved with some banter and crowd play. However, after bringing technical props into play, he experienced technical difficulties which prevented him for moving into his material.

Ryan Coffey then closed out the night and delivered a solid power set of gags which served as a taster for his Heartbreaker show. He’s got a real stage presence and gave the air of a seasoned pro as he drew laughs from his beard-related comedy. Which begs the question… Were beard gags so popular when they were last in fashion in the 70’s?  He closed out with a one man musical piece using unique a unique style of beat boxing which had the crowd in stiches.

The overall show wasn’t the most polished this reviewer had seen throughout the festival, but it’s clear that Tim will be better for the experience of having his MICF  debut under his belt.