History of Australian Award Winners


Melbourne Fringe Festival Awards 2018
Bob Franklin

Best Comedy: Bob Franklin ‚Äď Yours Sincerely
Best Cabaret: Creatures of the Deep
Jude Perl: I Have A Face

People’s choice award: wtf renaissance¬†

The QLD Tour Ready Award¬† –¬†10 Things I Hate About Taming of the Shrew
The WA Tour Ready Award¬† –¬†Cam Venn ‚Äď Charles Horse Lays an Egg
People‚Äôs Choice Award –¬†Baby Bi Bi Bi

Melbourne Fringe Living Legend Award –¬†Susie Dee

Melbourne International Comedy Festival Awards 2018 
Sam Campbell

Barry Award, for the best show: Sam Campbell The Trough  
Nominees for The Barry Award:
Alex Edelman (USA)- Just for Us 
Anne Edmonds ‚Äď as¬†Helen Bidou ‚Äď Enter the Spinaker Lounge
Tim Key (UK) ‚ÄstMegadate
Lano & Woodley (Colin Lane and Frank Woodley) ‚ÄstFly!
Rose Matafeo (NZ) ‚ÄstHorndog!
Celia Pacquola ‚ÄstAll Talk
Natalie Palamides (USA) ‚ÄstLaid

The Best Newcomer –¬†Danielle Walker¬†Bush Rat¬†
Nominees for The Best Newcomer Award:
Paul Williams(NZ) ‚ÄstSummertime Love
Stephanie Tisdell ‚ÄstIdentity Steft
Garry Starr¬†‚ÄstPerforms Everything
Lewis Garnham ‚ÄstThe Smartest Idiot You‚Äôll Ever Meet
Nadia Collins ‚ÄstVirgin Bloody Mary

The Golden Gibbo Award (for an artistic independent production) РCam Venn for Charles Horse Lays An Egg
Nominees for The Golden Gibbo Award:
Sophie Joske and Anna Piper Scott¬† ‚ÄstAlmost Lesbians
Garry Starr¬†¬†‚ÄstPerforms Everything¬†
Julia Rorke & Elysia Hall ‚ÄstNot Another F***** B**** In India
Michelle Brasier & Laura Frew
(Double Denim) ‚ÄstDouble Denim Adventure¬†Show]

People‚Äôs Choice Award – Lano & Woodley¬†‚ÄstFly!

The Directors‚Äô Choice Award –¬†Michelle Brasier and Laura Frew¬†for¬†Double Denim Adventure Show

The Pinder Prize –¬†Demi Lardner¬†‚ÄstI Love Skeleton¬†
Piece of Wood Award – Heath Franklin ‚Äď Bogan Jesus
Funny Tonne Winner -Alasdair Bryant (76 Shows)
Deadly Funny National Grand Final winner –¬†Leon Filewood (QLD)
RAW Comedy Grand Final Winner –¬†Bec Melrose (NSW)
RAW Runners-Up: Gavin Sempel (VIC), Emma Holland (ACT)

Class Clowns National Grand Final Winners¬†– Liam Adam, Carlin Carruth & Kyle Bennett (QLD) as ‚ÄėAwkward‚Äô!
Class Clowns Runners-Up:
Dusty Diddle (VIC),
Nina Cowley-Mousinho (QLD)
Shiloh Rea (QLD)
Nicholas Doring (NSW)


Melbourne Fringe Festival Awards 2017
Travelling Sisters

Best Comedy: The Travelling Sisters: NOO SHO
Best Cabaret: Seen & Heard

The New Zealand Tour Ready Award¬† –¬†The Travelling Sisters: NOO SHO
The QLD Tour Ready Award¬† –¬†Rama Nicholas in The Lucky Ones
Spirit of the Fringe ‚ÄstKaitlyn Rogers¬†‚Äď Can I Get An Amen?!

Melbourne Fringe Living Legend Award ‚ÄstRichard Watts

Melbourne International Comedy Festival Awards 2017 

Hannah Gadsby

Barry Award ‚Äď Hannah Gadsby:¬†Nannette
Best Newcomer ‚Äď Aaron Chen:¬†The Infinite Faces of Chenny Baby
Angus Gordon: Sad Boy Comedy Hour
Piece of Wood ‚Äď Luke Heggie:¬†Rough Diamante
Directors‚Äô Choice ‚Äď Demi Lardner:¬†Look What You Made Me Do
Vodafone People‚Äôs Choice ‚Äď Judith Lucy ¬†& Denise Scott:¬†Disappointments
Wil Anderson: Critically Wil

Golden Gibbo ‚Äď Granny Bingo:¬†A Visit With Nan In A Caravan
Pinder Prize ‚Äď Damien Power:¬†Utopia: Now in 3D!
Funny Tonne ‚Äď Will Erskine ‚Äď He saw 154 shows in 24 days


The 2016 Sydney Comedy Festival Awards Frank Woodley 16

Best Newcomer (jointly): Demi Lardner – Life Mechanic
& Ivan Aristeguieta – Chorizo Sizzle
Best of the Fest (local): Frank Woodley РExtra Ordinary
Best of the Fest (International): Daniel Sloss РDark
Director’s Choice:¬†Aunty Donna

Melbourne International Comedy Festival Awards 2016
Zoe as Dave
Zoe Coombes Marr as Dave

Barry Award: Zoe Coombes-Marr¬†‚ÄstTrigger Warning¬†
Golden Gibbo Award:¬†Zoe Coombes-Marr¬†‚ÄstTrigger Warning
Best Newcomer Award:¬†Tom Walker – Beep Boop +¬†Zanzoop –¬†Feeble Minds¬†
Directors’ Choice Award:¬†Anne Edmonds, Damian Power and Greg Larsen –True Australian Patriots Live!
Sam Campbell, Cam Campbell, Tom Walker and Aaron Chen РZanzoop РFeeble Minds 
People’s choice award: ¬†Carl Barron ‚Äď Drinking with a Fork
Piece Of Wood Award:¬†Chris Wainhouse ‚Äď The Antichris
Funny Tonne: Jeremy McPherson

Deadly Funny Award: Jalen Sutcliffe  (Victoria)The Eulogy
Raw Comedy Grand Final Winner: Danielle Walker (Victoria)
Class Clowns National Grand Final Winner:  Lauren Duong (ACT)


Adelaide Fringe Festival 

Best Comedy: Michael Burgos – The Eulogy



Melbourne Fringe Festival Awards 2015

Best Comedy: Laura Davis –¬†Ghost Machine
Best Emerging Writer: Telia Nevile, Poet vs. Pageant
Best Cabaret: Mager & Smythe –¬†The Road to Shangri La¬†
People’s choice award: wtf renaissance¬†

Outstanding Comedy Show: ¬†Rowena Hutson –¬†Strong Female Character

The 2015 Sydney Comedy Festival Awards 

BEST OF THE FEST [Local]: Lawrence Mooney¬†–¬†¬†Surely NotMooney Surely Not
BEST OF THE FEST [International]: Jim Jefferies
BEST NEWCOMERs: Corey White and Sam Campbell

Melbourne International Comedy Festival Awards 2015 

Barry Award:¬†Sam Simmons ‚ÄstSpaghetti For Breakfast
Golden Gibbo Award: Laura Davis РGhost machine
Best Newcomer Award: Corey White – The Cane Toad Affect
Directors’ Choice Award:¬†Matt Okine¬† ‚Äď The Other GuySam Simmons
People’s choice award: ¬†Wil Anderson –¬†Free Wil

Piece Of Wood Award: Anne Edmonds
Funny Tonne: Sarah Trevarthen
Deadly Funny Award: Nina Kirby  (Victoria)
The Deadly Mentorship Award Winner: Karen Edwards (QLD)
Raw Comedy Grand Final Winner: Angus Gordon (Queensland)
Runner Up –¬†Rohan Ganju (Vic)
Special Mentions: Sam Taunton (Vic) & Jess Perkins (Vic)
Class Clowns National Grand Final Winner:  Will Mckenna (14) from Eltham College (Victoria)


Adelaide Fringe Festival Awards

Best Comedy:  Trygve Wakenshaw: KRAKEN
Underbelly Edinburgh Award:¬†Cut by Duncan Graham and Hannah Norris AND:¬†Sam Simmons ‚Äď Spaghetti For Breakfast
Emerging Artist: Penny Greenhalgh- POP POP


Melbourne Fringe Festival Awards 2014

Best Comedy: Watson: Who’s Afraid of the Dark?Watson Afraid of the Dark
Best Cabaret: Reception: The Musical

The SA Tour Ready Award: Womanz
The WA Tour Ready Award: Womanz
The Tiki Tour Ready Award:¬†Bucket’s List


The 2014 Sydney Comedy Festival Awards
Ronny Chieng Reaction pic

BEST OF THE FEST [Local]: Ronny Chieng –¬†¬†Chieng Reaction¬†
BEST OF THE FEST¬†[International]:¬†David O‚ÄôDoherty¬†–¬†Will Try To Fix Everything
BEST NEWCOMER: Luke McGregor –¬†I Worry That I Worry Too Much
THE DIRECTOR’S CHOICE: Sam Simmons –¬†¬†Death of a Sails-Man

Melbourne International Comedy Festival Awards 2014 

Barry Award: Denise Scott – Mother Bare
Golden Gibbo Award: Fancy Boy -Variety Show
Best Newcomer Award: Stella Young
Directors’ Choice Award:¬†Ronny Chieng – Chieng Reaction
Special Commendation – The On-gals Babbling Comedy
People’s choice award: ¬†Wil Anderson – Wiluminati
Runner Up – Denise Scott
3rd Place – Em Rusciano
Piece Of Wood Award: Sarah Kendall
Funny Tonne: Chris Menezies Р158 shows
Deadly Funny Award: Stephanie Tisdell from Queensland
Raw Comedy Grand Final Winner: Matt Stewart from Melbourne, Victoria
Runner Up – Katie Burch from Cronulla, New South Wales
Class Clowns National Grand Final Winner: Gregor Tarrant from Wodonga Middle Years’ College in Victoria

Adelaide Fringe Festival 

Best Comedy: The Boy with Tape on his Face: MORE TAPE
Banksa Award Pick Of The Fringe : The Boy with Tape on his Face: MORE TAPE
Underbelly Edinburgh Award: Kraken by Trygve Wakenshaw



Melbourne Fringe Festival Awards 2013

Best Comedy: EDGE! by Rachel Davis and Isabel Angus
Best Venue: Imperial Hotel
Best Cabaret:¬†This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things by¬†¬†Gillian Cosgriff
Best Kids: Squid Stamp – The Technology Show
Touring Award Outstanding Comedy Show: ¬†Simon Keck ‚Äď Nob Happy Sock
Local Award –¬†People‚Äôs Choice Award: Wizard Sandwiches – The Last Lunch


The 2013 Sydney Comedy Festival Awards

Best of the Fest [Local] : Matt Okine
Best of the Fest [International] : Paul Foot
Best newcomer : Steen Raskopoulos
The breakout artist : Trevor Noah
The Director’s choice : Michael Workman
The MX Joke of the Festival: Rhys Nicholson


Melbourne International Comedy Festival Awards 2013 

Funny Tonne – Nick Taras – 147 shows
Golden Gibbo – Simon Keck, [Highly Commended – Kate McLennan and Wes Snelling; Double Standard]
Piece Of Wood Award – David Quirk
People’s Choice – Arj Barker
Directors’ Choice¬†– Mel Buttle
Best Newcomer – Luke McGregor
Barry Award– Rich Hall
RAW Comedy¬†‚Äď Demi Lardner
Class¬†Clowns¬†‚Äď ¬†James Warren


Adelaide Fringe Festival

Best Comedy
Kitty Flanagan: Hello Kitty Flanagan ‚Äď A-List Entertainment
Best Comedy ‚Äď Emerging
Wolf Creek: The Musical ‚Äď SPUR


Melbourne Fringe Festival Awards 2012

Best Comedy: Choose your Own Portenza ‚Äď by Neal Portenza
Highly Commended Comedy: Slutmonster & Friends ‚Äď by Lucas Heil, Wes Gardner and Jessie Ngaio
Best Cabaret: Just a Little Something I‚Äôve Been Working On ‚Äď by Ruth Wilkin
Best Kids Show: Dr Brown Brown Brown Brown Brown and his Singing Tiger by Dr Brown and Stuart Bowden
Best Circus: Pants Down Circus
Best Venue: Trades Hall
People’s Choice Award: Aunty Donna and the Fax Machine Shop by Broden Kelly, Adrian Dean, Zachary Duane and Mark Samuel Bonanno
Touring Award for Outstanding Comedy Show Supported by Brisbane Powerhouse: Truth ‚Äď by Vachel Spirason and Stephanie Brotchie
The Tour Ready Award Supported by Adelaide Fringe: How to Draw Cartoobs and Other Typos by artist First Dog on the Moon

Perth International Comedy Festival Awards 2012

Best Local Act: Tropical Parodies
Next Gen Winner: Suns of Fred
Best Australian Act: Felicity Ward
Best International Act: The Pajama Men
Critics’ Choice: The Pajama Men
Best of the Fest: Des Bishop

Time Out Sydney Comedy Festival Awards 2012

Best Newcomer  РRhys Nicholson
Best Local/Australian Act – Felicity Ward
Best Sydney Act – Luke Heggie
Best International – Daniel Kitson
Critics Choice – Lou Sanz
Best Venue – Happy Endings Comedy Club

Melbourne International Comedy Festival Awards 2012

The Funny Tonne : Jennifer Law who saw 102 shows
The Bulmers People’s Choice Award: Wil Anderson
The Golden Gibbo: Lessons With Luis
The Piece of Wood: Bob Franklin AND Steven Gates
The Directors Choice Award subcategory award for a childrens’ : Dr Brown & Stuart Bowden for Dr Brown Brown Brown Brown Brown: The Kids Show.
The Adult’s Directors Choice Award: RodQuantock
The Airport Best Newcomer Award was a tie: Ronny Chieng and Matt Okine
The Barry Award: Dr Brown for his show BEFRDFGTH
The Jhonesy Award by an Anonymous Benefactor was presented to Shane Matherson and his fabulous singing bucket of Gravel.
RAW Comedy : Lessons with Luis
Class Clowns : Aaron Chen

Previous Melbourne International Comedy Festival Award Winners

The Barry Award  [- best show at the festival]
1998: Linda Haggar and Fahey Younger – Miss Itchy’s Creme De Menthe Breakfast Show
1999: Sue-Ann Post – G Strings and Jockstraps
2000: The Boosh – Arctic Boosh
2001: Brian Munich, Brian Munich & Friends
2002: Ross Noble
2003: Mike Wilmot
2004: Maria Bamford
2005: The Drowsy Drivers – Keating! The Opera
2006: Demetri Martin – Dr Earnest Parrot Presents Demetri Martin
2007: Daniel Kitson – It’s the Fireworks Talking
2008: Shared between Nina Conti – Complete and Utter Conti and Kristen Schaal – As You Have Probably Never Seen Her Before (USA)
2009: The Pajama Men – Versus vs Versus
2010: Sammy J and Randy (Heath McIvor) – Ricketts Lane
2011: Russell Kane – Smokescreens and Castles

Melbourne International Comedy Festival Best Newcomer
2000: Gerard McCulloch – An Englishman, an Irishman and a Scotsman Walk Into A Documentary and Emma Bathgate – The Dilapidated Diva
2001: Fiona O’Loughlin – Fiona and her sister (and some guy) and Cal Wilson – Hello Kitty
2002: Jim Russell, Marty Sheargold and Aidan Fennessy – The Trade and The Drowsy Drivers – Northcote Country Soul
2003: Flight Of The Conchords
2004: The Kransky Sisters – We Don’t Have Husbands and Eddie Perfect – Angry Eddie
2005: Christina Adams – To Miss With Love
2006: Sammy J – Sammy J’s 55 Minute National Tour
2007: Josh Thomas – Please like me
2008: Fear Of a Brown Planet – Nazeem Hussain & Aamer Rahman
2009: Tom Ballard Is What He Is
2010: Claudia O’Doherty – Monsters of the Deep 3D
2011: Michael Workman – Humans Are Beautiful

Piece of Wood Award
1998: Linda Hagger and Fahey Younger
1999: Simon Munnery
2000: Stewart Lee
2001: Rich Fulcher
2002: Charlie Pickering and Michael Chamberlin
2003: Justin Hamilton
2004: Andrew McClelland
2005: Tony Law
2006: Shared between Fiona O’Loughlin and Damian Callinan
2007: Andy Zaltzman
2008: Tom Gleeson
2009: Lawrence Mooney
2010: Sam Simmons
2011: Harley Breen – I Heart Bunnings: Stories About My Brothers

Golden Gibbo
2004: Jo Randerson – Carry on Randerson and Eddie Perfect – Angry Eddie
2005: The Drowsy Drivers – Keating! The Opera
2006: Greg Bird – Cliffy is Relaxed and Comfortable
2007: The Glass Boat
2008: The Suitcase Royale – The Ghosts of Ricketts Hill
2009: The List Operators
2010: Sam Simmons and David Quirk – The Incident
2011: Geraldine Quinn – You’re The Voice: Songs For The Ordinary By An Anthemaniac

Directors’ Choice Award
2005:: Tim Minchin – Darkside
2006: Men of Steel and Nick Sun – Blood on the Yolks in the Key of Owls
2007: Justin Hamilton
2008: Sam Simmons
2009: The Bedroom Philosopher – Songs From The 86 Tram
2010: Hannah Gadsby – The Cliff Young Shuffle
2011: Denise Scott – Regrets

The People’s Choice Award
2011: Wil Anderson –¬†Man vs. Wil

The Age Critics’ Award
2001: Brian Munich & Friends
2002: Ross Noble
2003: Paul McDermott, Cameron Bruce and Mick Moriarty – GUD UGH and Denise Scott, Judith Lucy and Lynda Gibson – Comedy Is Still Not Pretty
2004: The Kransky Sisters – We Don’t Have Husbands
2005: The Drowsy Drivers – Keating! The Opera
2006: Judith Lucy – I Failed
2007: Lawerence Leung Learns To Breakdance
2008: Sammy J In The Forest of Dreams
2009: Celia Pacquola – Am I Strange?
2010: Asher Treleaven – Secret Door

RAW Comedy
1996: Stephen Head and Anthony Manchetti (VIC)
1997: Subby Valentine (NSW)
1998: Chris Franklin (NSW)
1999: Chris Wainhouse (QLD)
2000: Drew Rokos (VIC)
2001: Emily O’Loughlin (SA)
2002: Dave Elvins (NSW)
2003: Nelly Thomas (VIC) and Steve Sheehan (SA)
2004: Nick Sun (NSW)
2005: Josh Thomas (QLD)
2006: Hannah Gadsby (TAS)
2007: Jonathan Schuster (VIC)
2008: Neil Sinclair (VIC)
2009: Michael Workman (WA)
2010: Luke Heggie (NSW)
2011: Dayne Rathbone (ACT)
2012: Lessons with Luis (Vic)