Adam Knox is All Washed Up

By Annette Slattery

Seventy two year old actor, comedian, TV host and misogynistic lothario Adam Knox is presenting his memoirs. At least, that’s the conceit of this show, as performed by the twenty two year old comedian Adam Knox.
Knox opens the show with a song, a clever song, but balance problems in the sound made it hard to pick up the subtleties in the lyrics. In fact this problem affected all of the areas of the show which included music. Nevertheless Knox’s opening number was strong, particularly with a Victor Borge type flourish at the end.

Knox ages himself fifty years by adopting a voice change and a kind of dishevelled despondency, reminiscent of a late nineties Anthony Morgan. He recounts his life story, starting with a tale of birth and initial upbringing that’s got the absurdity of someone like Nick Sun. Some of his early experiences include work as a mime, children’s clown and a comedian. He goes on to become a Letterman style Late Night TV Presenter before embarking on a movie career, which gives Knox latitude to parade his Marlon Brando impersonation (which is excellent). After this it’s his activism period and his many wives.

Throughout this Knox takes opportunity to mention his sponsors and continually decry his own physical appearance. Whilst the sponsor material is strong, his material on his self image becomes quickly tiresome and smacks of desperation rather than self deprecation. Also his approach to some of the material, such as attacking Bono for being superficial, smacks very much shooting fish in a barrel.

Whilst it is immediately apparent that Knox is an extremely intelligent young comedian, he is let down by the polish on the writing. That said, heaven knows where this guy could go with a good director because there is so much to love about this show. Whilst rough around the edges this is still a very funny show with great moments of comic insight. The originality and potential of this comedian are exciting.

Adam Knox is a fascinating young comedian who presents an interesting take on the idea of fake memoirs. Whilst the various ingredients to this show are not yet cohesive, this is certainly a show with plenty of laughs and some real comic gems.

Adam Knox is All Washed Up is on at The John Curtain Bar in Lygon Street (opposite Trades Hall).