By Luke Simmons

Everyone has a (funny) story to tell

Made in St Kilda, by  Brendan McKenzie, Pieter Malherbe and yours truly Luke Simmons,  bytestories is a new storytelling site which can provide you with your “sit-down-at-the-keyboard comedy” fix on demand. Dedicated to short, byte-sized stories (There is a 1500 character / 200-250 word limit) based on true events, it’s proving to be a popular writing space for some of Australia’s favourite and up-and-coming comedians.

MICF 2013 comics who have shared that time when….

Brad Oakes and Michael Connell have already revealed some of their most embarrassing stories, Alexis Simmonds has exposed why her Uncle deviously volunteered to learn craft while at school and Becky Lewis takes you through what it’s like to work in a bar full of hard drinkin’ cowboys. 

Brad Oakes – Embarrassing encounter with the floor polishing machine

Michael Connell – Do Not Say This In Japan

Alexis Simmonds – One tale from Tales of a straight, single cat lady

Becky Lewis – 7 rum and cokes thanks, no ice


Other recommended authors on the site include: Andy Thompson, Nick O’Connell, Jennifer Burke, Tom Middlebrook, Ron Hailes, and Torre De Roche.

Anyone can submit

If you’re thinking about sharing a story, it would suit if you do not wish to have the hassle of setting up a blog OR if you’d like your funniness to reach an International audience. It could also be a good way for performers to work on ideas for a routine or festival show.

The site is cute and ideal for killing time while at home or on your mobile (i.e. sitting/staring on public transport). The reader in you can get on-demand chuckles and the comedic writer in you will enjoy gathering a fan base.

Check out and get involved!