Ciarán Dowd: King Rodolfo

By Ron Bingham

King Rodolfo is a sick and twisted dictator, who became king of an alternate 16th century England by killing his way to the top and, when we meet him, he is throwing a 20th anniversary party to announce his heir to the throne. as he only has one son, you would think that was an simple task. Sadly, things never end well for a narcissistic, licentious, bloodthirsty autocrat who delights in boasting of his misdeeds.

Ciarán Dowd won the 2018 Edinburgh Comedy Award for Best Newcomer with his character Don Rodolfo and this is a sequel of sorts. The charismatic swashbuckler takes us on his journey from low life scum to seizing the throne, which includes a ten minute description of how he managed to sneak into the castle in the most gross and disgusting manner. We meet his son and possible heir, a revolution breaks out, sword fights, murder, mayhem, very sick jokes, completely over-the-top acting, and so much more. The big finale is sure to surprise everyone.

Not a show for the easily offended, this was a crackingly good hour with a crazy megalomaniac and his friends as they weave a medieval tale of horror and degradation, with heads on pikes, dragons (sort of), violence, farting and some of the sickest imagery I have encountered so far this festival. Recommended, especially after a drink or two

King Rodolfo is on at Pleasance Dome