Melbourne International Comedy Festival Previously Reviewed Shows

It’s nearly time for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival!!!

Our tails are waggling excitedly as we plan our festival and the shows we will be seeing and reviewing for you. It’s a big 30th Anniversary and we’ll be enjoying a lot of the wonderful birthday events and exhibitions too.

As always to help you make decisions about which shows you should see at the festival we have a list for you of all the shows we have already reviewed so you can check them out.

Don’t forget to take a punt on someone you’ve never heard of, they might change your world and you, for making up an awesome audience, theirs.

Down the bottom of this article, I’ve listed some shows that have been cancelled.

Meanwhile here are some reviews we prepared earlier:

Christopher Welldon Christopher Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

Dave Callan A Little Less Conversation 3: Even More Less Conversation

Dilruk Jayasinha – Sri Wanka

Geraldine Hickey Winner!

I love Green Guide Letters with Steele Saunders

Lauren Bok Is That A Burrito In Your Pocket Or Are You Just Happy You Have a Burrito

Lauren Bok, Sam Marzden & Bert Goldsmith Radio Variety Hour

Lisa-Skye & Nick Caddaye Gentlemen’s Agreement

Little Dum Dum Club: Live!

Rama Nicholas in Mary Weather’s Monsters

Set List

Soothplayers Completely Improvised Shakespeare


Cancelled Shows

The following is the list so far. We will pop any more of these up on the ‘In Brief’ section of our site as they come in:

ACE Comedy vs Politics Gala Dinner

Funny Folks Have a Crack!

Squeaky Clean Comedy

5 PM Variety Show



Dave Callan – A Little Less Conversation 3

By Elyce Phillips Dave Callan less Conversation 2

Dave Callan has returned to Melbourne Fringe with the third and final instalment of his dance trilogy. It’s an uplifting hour of cheesy pop, unbridled enthusiasm and infectious energy. The festival might not be over yet, but seeing A Little Less Conversation 3 has got to be the most fun you can have at the Fringe.

In this new show, Callan once again takes the audience on a musical journey from the beginning of time through to today, performing dances to some classic hits that he missed in the first two rounds. The dance medleys are broken up with stand-up, some FAQs and some fantastically funny videos that Callan has put together. As a special preview show treat, Callan also performed Beyonce’s Single Ladies dance in its entirety as an extra finale, which was truly a sight to behold.

This may be the third instalment of Callan’s dance-themed shows, but there’s still tremendous comedic value in seeing this wizard-viking shake his booty to the likes of Britney Spears and T-Swift. Callan’s back-up dancers (Jess Quinn and Emma Russell) are wonderful performers in their own right, and act as a choreographic foil to Callan’s occasionally fumbled moves. There’s an array of dazzling and ill-fitting costumes and some gloriously ridiculous props.  The amount of work that has gone into this show is really impressive, and you can see that all three performers are giving it their all on the stage. By the end, Callan appears to be almost entirely composed of sweat and glitter.

A Little Less Conversation 3 is a show that leaves you with joy in your heart and a dance in your step as you walk out. It’s a whole-hearted celebration of pop culture, in all its weird and wonderful glory.

A Little Less Conversation 3 is on at the Fringe Hub – Ballroom until October 3

Dave Callan – A Little Less Conversation 2: A Little More Less Conversation

By Lisa Clark Dave Callan less Conversation 2

Anyone who saw Dave Callan’s A Little Less Conversation or has laughed at his astounding version of “All the Single Ladies” dance routine will understand the sort of work Dave will put into making dance funny for his audience. This is his most polished show yet and it is Awesome.

No longer hampered by a small stage or inadequate audiovisual equipment Dave is free to put on the spectacular he envisioned for the last show with four gorgeous, talented, professional dancers to have fun with. It is obvious they are all having a ball. Last year’s show was a History of Dance with the emphasis on decades of the 20th Century up. A Little Less Conversation 2: A Little More Less Conversation demonstrates  dance styles by alphabet going backwards from Zumba to Aerobics (they are not all fitness related but gosh they are making Dave fit).

A highlight from the first production is Dave having a go at pole dancing with his viking-style lack of grace being part of the comedy but my goodness he has worked on it for this production and the laughs turn to jaw dropping awe. He was also sweating and becoming quite exhausted during the last production, there is a lot less of that this time round. This is partly because he has paced it all well with breaks of standup between the blocks of dance showcases and some short stunning video interludes, which allow for costume changes that are part of the fun and plenty of surprises. Mainly though it is obvious that Dave has been working hard on his dance moves and gained in fitness.

Dave radiates joy in this production because music and dance are clearly major passions in his life. There’s a bit of 1920s Blackbottom in there but this is mostly about modern dance from the 80s on. If it wasn’t for one slightly jarring willy joke I’d say this would be one to bring kids and young teens to but if you don’t mind a bit of fake wang waved around, don’t worry too much, it’s pretty silly and harmless and they will learn about ven diagrams.

According to Dave this is part 2 of his A Little Less Conversation trilogy, I can’t wait for part 3. One thing is for sure Callan is going to be extremely fit.

Dave Callan – A Little Less Conversation  2: A Little More Less Conversation is on at Trades Hall until April 19th

Come Heckle Christ

By Elyse Philips

Walking into the room, your vision is obscured by a thick mist. As you walk towards the front, the clouds part to reveal a lone figure on stage. Jesus Christ (Josh Ladgrove, aka Dr Professor Neal Portenza) stands nailed (taped) to the cross, softly calling to his children to sit in the front row. The audience settles, grows quiet and then Christ says “Heckle me.”

Come Heckle Christ delivers on the promise of its title. The show is simply Ladgrove responding to whatever the audience yells out for the duration. This does make for the occasional awkward silence but with a little gentle encouragement the crowd got stuck in. Heckles ranged from the expected (“Take it off!”) to the religious (“Was Judas a good kisser?”) to just plain offensive (“Are you ashamed for providing the material for ‘The DaVinci Code?”). The unmistakable voice of Dave Callan called out a few times, prompting a heckle at him – “Are you pissed off you didn’t think of this first?” However as the evening progressed, things got a bit friendlier and turned into more of a Q&A with our pal Jesus.

Stick a bunch of Melbournites in a room with Christ and the impulse seems to be to politely seek guidance about whatever burning questions pop into their head – Is it time to upgrade my computer? Whatever happened to pogs?

Ladgrove’s Christ is suitably beatific. His responses to heckles were quick and deadpan, occasionally slipping out of character when required. Ladgrove engages the crowd well and keeps things rolling. It’s an interesting concept for a show. So much of the humour is reliant on the audience. At any point the show could go flat or turn sour yet, miraculously, Come Heckle Christ works.

Christ will return this Easter weekend. I can’t think of a more appropriate way for comedy fans to spend the evening.

Come Heckle Christ is on at the The Tuxedo Cat on April 20

The Experiment

By Elyce Phillips


If you’re anything like me, you’ve been wondering for years why there is not a comedy show that is also a dog show. It’s such a hassle trying to attend both all the time. Why not bring them together? Well, lucky for us, our prayers have been answered by ‘The Experiment’. Hosted by Asher Treleaven, Geraldine Hickey and the constantly-grinning Oliver Clark, the late-night show is the perfect opportunity for comedians to get weird.

The trio of hosts complement each other perfectly. Hickey was wonderfully deadpan, giving us some animal facts and reading out a very pertinent letter to our new Minister for Women’s Affairs, Tony Abbott. Clark manned the sound effects and ran interference, dressed like an electric-blue nightmare – the lovechild of Tony Barber and Tony Clifton. Treleaven bridges the divide, holding the reins and fostering an enthusiastically supportive atmosphere that ensures the special guests are met with rapturous applause, regardless of the material they try out.

On the evening I attended there were four guests, all of which were fantastic. Anne Edmonds performed some great new material about Nazi fancy dress, Dave Callan busted some serious moves to Britney Spears’ ‘Hit Me One More Time’, Claire Hooper treated us to a suite of Fables from her upcoming Fringe show and Charles Barrington delighted with his tale ‘The Ugly Natalie Portman’. Alas, on this evening there was no dog show. A lady in the audience did bring a small toy dog, which Treleaven received with the disdain it rightfully deserved.

‘The Experiment’ is brilliantly unhinged and a great chance to see some comedy from the stranger end of the spectrum. With new guests every night, it’s certainly a show that I’m going to check out a few more times. A really great way to top-off your night at the Fringe.

A final note- the call-out for small dogs is entirely serious, so bring your small dog if you have one. As of right now, the prize money has jackpotted to $45. Hot dang!

The Experiment in on in The Ballroom at the Lithuanian Club until October 5.

Triple J’s Good Az Friday

By Jayden Edwards

Now in it’s third year, Triple J rolled into the Melbourne Town Hall with 1200 of their closest friends for the annual “Good Az Friday” Outside broadcast.

Quickly becoming a major highlight of the festival, Triple J’s breakfast young guns Tom Ballard and Alex Dyson beamed 3 hours of stand up comedy, music and shenanigans around the country with help from Triple J buddies Sam Simmons, Dave Callan and Father Bob plus a big line up of stand up spots from the likes of Steven K. Amos, Tom Green, Celia Paquola, Mike Wilmot Paul Foot, Andy Kindler and more!

Young songstress Lisa Mitchell performed a couple of songs including a fantastic cover of M83’s Midnight City (sorry oldies, that’s a hip song the young people are down with) for regular Triple J segment “Like a Version”. The day accumulated with another Triple J tradition, a massive Friday Dance Off, which saw the Melbourne Town Hall jumping to the beats of Skrillex (more young people stuff). All in all a whole lot of fun and a great showcase to get those young folks out and seeing live comedy!

If you weren’t there, or missed it on the radio, you can hear everything i just told you here!

The Show:

Lisa Mitchell’s Like a Version:

Some Pics: