5 good reasons to see Emma J Hawkins in I am not a Unicorn!

1: You’ll meet a host of quirky characters that inhabit Emma’s world including John the train driver (an average bloke), the wicked queen and the rare horned beast.

2: I am not a Unicorn is peppered with moments so immersive that the audience truly gets to feel what it is like to walk in a short statured person’s shoes.

3: I am not a Unicorn! is directed by acclaimed burlesque performer Maude Davey.

4: You’ll get to see me eat a banana on stage – apparently people find it hilarious.

5: Warning: this show contains a short-statured person defying stereotypes.

Emma J Hawkins in I am not a Unicorn 31st March -18th April at 7:30pm (6:30pm on Sundays) at Northcote Town Hall.
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