Kitty Flanagan : Seriously?

By Luke SimmonsKitty Flanagan

Seriously? is Kitty Flanagan’s latest show that focuses on tales of relationship breakdowns and issues associated with being a single, pet loving female – who’s completed 40+ laps around the sun. The ground she’s covering isn’t new, but she demonstrates the delivery skills that’d suggest she could talk for an hour about Accounting and have people in tears!

Although she’d hate to admit it, Flanagan’s now classed as a veteran on the Australian comedy circuit and she’s built up a solid following thanks to her work in the media throughout the last 15 years. And based on this performance, she’ll be around for many years to come.

She strode out to the Arts Centre stage and immediately set the show in motion by talking about the description on her Wikipedia page that almost accuses her of remaining single just for the comedic material it provides. She did a bad job of refuting the fact as she then took the packed crowd through the first (of many) relationship disaster stories.

Some may suggest her humour is “female” centric (well she’s not going to do comedy about living life as a purple puppet), but the jokes have the power to ensure she could wet pants at a mining show in rural WA. In fact, she has the ability to out-Alf Stewart Alf Stewart on the Aussie stakes when she switches into put down mode.

The central story that she wove in and out of during the night related to her relationship with a particular ex as she relayed hilarious insights into what went wrong. In fact, she brought herself close to the audience by really opening up. A standout gag relates to how she had a difference in opinion when it came to cleaning his underpants. This is worth the admission price!

She ended the performance as she did a previous show, she brought out her talented sister Penny on guitar and they played her new song, “Middle Aged Lady”, which proved to be an apt finale. The opening night of Kitty Flanagan’s MICF offering for 2015 was simply superb. It flowed beautifully, and has a story structure that would be fit for a TV special.

Seriously? is on at Melbourne Arts Centre (Playhouse) until April 19

MICF Award Nominees Announced

There are seven Nomineed shows for The Barry Award this year.

Hannah Gadsby who is doing two shows – her personal show about surviving her teen years and becoming an adult – Happiness is a Bedside Table and her art show which this year is called Nakedly Nudes and is becoming a bit of a tradition and sells out pretty quickly.

John Conway – The New John Conway Tonight Show. An anarchic crazy late night chat show.

Kitty Flanagan, for Hello Kitty Flanagan. A stunning performer who came back to Australia from the UK a couple of years ago for which are all immensely grateful.

Max & Ivan Are Con Artists –  British performers who’ve been getting some good reviews. (I’ve clearly not seen them)

Michael Workman with another magical lyrical story Ave Lorretta.

Rich Hall he’s so fabulous his show doesn’t need a name. He kicked ass at Political Asylum’s Late Night Riot too.

Trevor Noah The Racist. He’s South African and have heard fabulous things about him.


Now for this year’s Nominees for The Golden Gibbo! (Named in honour of the late Melbourne comedian Lynda Gibson it is awarded to “a local, independent show that bucks trends and pursues the artist’s idea more strongly than it pursues any commercial lure”.)

Kate McLennan & Wes Snelling for their Moosehead awarded, site specific work Standard Double. A character  based show set in a hotel room that can only hold a small audience.

Simon Keck – Nob Happy Sock – For his moving and amazing show about depression with the most heart stopping opening of the festival

Slutmonster and Friends (Jessie Ngaio, Lucas Heil & Wes Gardner) – a gorgeously designed, joyful celebration of sex, silliness and puppets.

Tommy Bradson – Sweet Sixteen or the Birthday Party Massacre. Rock Musical satire of suburbia.

The Writers (Bob Franklin, Stephen Curry and Stephen Stagg) – What goes on in the mind of Bob Franklin?


The Best Newcomer nominees were announced on Tuesday April 16th they are….

Damien Power – Monkey’s in Space

Dayne Rathbone – It’s Me Dayne and The New Conway Tonight Show.

Luke McGregor – My Soulmate is Out of My League

and Steen Raskopoulos – Bruce SpringSTEEN LIVE IN CONCERT!

Congrats to all the 2013 Nominees, Winners will be announced next Saturday April 20th (well… actually early Sunday morning)  at the Comedy Festival Club Hifi Bar

Kitty Flanagan Hello Kitty

By Luke Simmons

Complete with a silver lining backdrop, Kitty Flanagan walked out to rapturous applause from the packed and mostly-female crowd.  And rather than soak it in, she got straight down to business. The Hello Kitty show was a perfect platform for Flanagan to both vent and lament about life in general. In short, she nailed it.

She started by taking aim at the cabaret and burlesque “movement” with them being framed as second rate competitors to the live comedy scene. She made her point crystal clear and shared a number of hilarious personal experiences as both an MC and as a bored audience member. The story regarding the balloon-clad dancer who mistimed the application of her costume drew some of the biggest and loudest laughs on the night.

Flanagan gradually made her way to the key part of the show which has her explaining the dilemmas surrounding bringing a cat into her life. Who said there’s anything weird about 40 year old unmarried women with cats… Kitty does! During this part of the show, she demonstrated that she’s a clever comedian who knows how to milk a joke for all its worth.

Things turned contemporary as she then wove through a piss-taking tirade against lovey-dovey couples, babies, plane rides and today’s misguided youth. Her contention that rap used to be clean and wholesome is somewhat questionable (2 Live Crew were raw in the 80’s!). However, it didn’t get picked up by the smiling crowd.

To close the hour, her sister (Penny Flanagan) came on stage with her guitar and they took the audience through two expertly performed songs. If the year was 2000, she could easily have a hit on her hands with her tribute to noisy imbeciles. As for the song about religion, it was funny and (naughtily) offensive in equal measures!

It was a definite 9/10 performance from a seasoned pro who knows how to command control over the crowd. In terms of the subject content, she had men laughing and women crying throughout. Highly recommended for all!

Kitty Flanagan at the Athenaeum Theatre