5 Good Reasons to see Liz Skitch gets SPOILT

1. There is a Pomshitz in the show.  Also known as Shiranian.  Pomeranian/ Shitzu cross.  You’re sold right? No need to list another four reasons.  But just incase you are a cat person…

2. There’s also some cat references.  And there’s me… the actor, the thesbian. I play all five characters… get it?  Yes!  Take another look at the photo of the five ladies.  They’re all me!

3. You get to go to a wedding in the show…  you might even get to do the Nutbush… or not… I won’t force you.

4. It’s a show with a bit of everything for everyone: A fabulous collection of wigs and shoes, karaoke and a pinch of beastiality… Okay… maybe not for everyone.

5. Whisper this bit to yourself in a deep and sexy voice, “Treat yourselves, indulge, SPOILT yourself with a night out at the Butterfly Club. In the heart of the city (just across from Town Hall on Carsons Place off Little Collins) it is a unique 3 story venue with theatre, award winning shows, bars, comfy nooks and crannies in which you can sit and sip on cocktails and a HUGE collection of kitsch. Come on in for a special night out, you DESERVE it.”

 Liz Skitch gets  SPOILT at The Butterfly Club