2019 Melbourne International Comedy Award Winners



The Melbourne International Comedy Festival Award for the best show: James Acaster (UK) Cold Lasagne Hate Myself 1999

Anne Edmonds- What’s Wrong With You? 
Cassie Workman – Giantess
Geraldine Hickey – Things Are Going Well
Nath Valvo – I’m Happy For You
Tom Allen (UK) – Absolutely 

Blake Freeman

The Best Newcomer: Blake Freeman – There’s Something There 

Dan Rath – Bubble Bath
Nina Oyama – Needs a Lift
Oliver Coleman – Poolside

Joshua Ladgrove

The Golden Gibbo Award (for an artistic independent production): Neal Portenza & Joshua Ladgrove –Neal Portenza is Joshua Ladgrove

Nominees for The Golden Gibbo Award:
Game Boys – Game Boys Cinematic Universe
Lauren Bok – Rock Out With Your Bok Out 
Margot Tanjutco – Vanity Fair Enough

Urzila Carlson

Oliver Coleman – Poolside
Patrick Collins – Mime Consultant / Patrick Collins And the Magic Shoe

People’s Choice Award: Urzila Carlson Loser 

This award signifies that Urzila Carlson sold the most tickets at this year’s Festival.

Aaron Chen

The Directors’ Choice Award: Aaron Chen – Piss Off (Just Kidding) 

Presented by Melbourne International Comedy Festival Director Susan Provan

The Pinder Prize: Sam Taunton – Straight From The Shoulder & Steph Tisdell – The Pyramid

This Award funds their trips to the Edinburgh Fringe
to perform at Assembly Festival. It was presented by Demi Lardner

Geraldine Hickey

Piece of Wood Award (Peer Award from other comedians):  Geraldine Hickey – Things Are Going Well

Presented by Greg Fleet who created the Award and Heath Franklin last year’s winner.

Funny Tonne Winner: John Souness

Deadly Funny National Grand Final winner: Fabian Woods

Fady Kassab

RAW Comedy Grand Final Winner: Fady Kassab (NSW)  
Fady has won a trip to The Edinburgh Fringe Festival to compete in So You Think You’re Funny?.
RAW Runners-Up: Suraj Kolarkar (QLD) and Laura Hutchinson (WA)

Class Clowns National Grand Final Winners Patti Fawcett (Bendigo South East College, VIC)
Class Clowns Runners-Up:
Whose My Parents? (Ben Depoma, Cyrus James-Hankin, Soren Pryor) from St Theresa’s Catholic College Abergowrie, QLD, and Nic Doring (Alexandria Park Community High School NSW)

Margot Tanjutco in Vanity Fair Enough

By Hooi Khaw 

Margot Tanjutco will blow you away with her performance in Vanity Fair Enough. The execution and comedic timing are flawless, and the writing is sharply funny.

It is difficult to describe this show because it is layered, and cleverly crafted. It is the sum of smaller units of song, sketch and stand up that combine to make a truly absorbing show. It is pure entertainment. It is biting satire. It is surreal. It is joyous, and hysterical, and light-hearted in the silliest way possible. It is fiercely intelligent writing that leaves your mouth agape. It is a naturally charismatic performer with laser precision on the stage.

The writing is excellent, but what takes it to the next level is Tanjutco’s performance chops. Her character work is delightful, and perfectly highlights the discrepancies between the beliefs and behaviours of people living in the consumer culture. These characters are performed with Tanjutco’s innate comedic instincts, and she sings and dances her way through these hilarious and absurd contrasts that feel all too relatable.

The cleverness of this show is in what she chooses to unpack, and how she unpacks it. Tanjutco doesn’t just go for obvious marks, in the usual way. Vanity Fair Enough gives you fresh takes on characters engaging with consumption, and over-consumption. As the show progresses, we are presented with a wide range of varying perspectives on these topical issues, which will leave you laughing for days after.

The music is also excellent, and again Tanjutco raises the bar with Hamilton-esque songs that embody insightful concepts, perfectly sculpted around sick beats. The songs play to existing tropes that we see in song writing, and the lyrics are punchy and smart. There are moments half way through a song or stanza, where you find yourself in utter awe as she nimbly surprises you with an unexpected, yet completely apt rhyme, or analogy, or idea. Needless to say, her delivery is exceptional.

There was nothing to fault in Vanity Fair Enough – it is a perfectly polished performance piece, ready to consume. Vanity Fair Enough is a must-see for this comedy festival, and if this review convinces you to watch it, then (vanity) fair enough.

Margot Tanjutco performs Vanity Fair Enough at The Coopers Malthouse.
See website for Details –