Wolf Tokyo Club At Rehearsal

By Colin FlahertyWTC

Wolf Tokyo Club are a struggling band trying to get through a rehearsal. As much as Anton wants to get through a single take of his new love song, the others would rather be talking about or doing something else. Ahh…the joys of working with bunch of dysfunctional people on a project!

For a show about a band the music certainly took a backseat to the story. All seemed competent on their instruments but as soon as a groove started, things would hilariously fall apart which was fine as we got to learn more about this group of loveable misfits and see the comical sparks fly.

On paper, 45 minutes of some guys bickering with each other may seem like it would get tiresome quickly, but the wonderful script certainly prevented this. Not only were there plenty of clever and amusing distractions to keep derailing the rehearsal but some interesting sub-plots were introduced to keep the animosity bubbling away throughout. We got to chuckle at some inane conversations that musicians probably have to endure as well as marvel at a unique method of identifying notes. The various methods of procrastination led to many amusing lines to keep the laughs rolling along.

It was interesting to see how they managed to shoehorn the usual character traits that are normally associated with a comedic trio into this four person (with a small fifth role by Shane Matheson) performance. Your Alpha male guitarist Anton (Seamus McAlary) played the role of straight-man perfectly while cool guy drummer Fudgy (Eric Hutton) was a constant source of hilarious disruption. The dim character was split between the seemingly stupid bassist Matty (Rodney Todd) and the extremely slow-witted keyboard player Ethan (Todd Allen) which worked brilliantly. You got some smarts beneath the surface of Matty (in between going off on many a hilarious tangent) to make him a threat to Anton leaving Ethan, in his permanently stoned stupor, to be totally clueless.

I’m still trying to get my head around the conclusion to this play. Following what would be the final punchline of the story they immediately launched into a post-script that was quite surreal. It certainly tied up the main sub plot neatly but it was quite a shock after the relative normalcy that had preceded it. Perhaps this wacky curveball was influenced by Matheson? Despite leaving the venue slightly confused, it was a satisfying and hilarious play performed by some of Sydney’s great underground comedic talent.

Wolf Tokyo Club At Rehearsal is on at the Tuxedo Cat until April 7
For Bookings & information go to the MICF website:

5 Five Good Reasons to See Madeleine Culp & Shane Matheson in Dinosaur Guts

1. It’s set inside a dinosaur stomach. FACT. It’s the spectacular combination of madcap funsters Shane Matheson (Jhonsy Award Winner) and Madeleine Culp (ABC radio). FACT. We have squeezed three reasons into one because we don’t play by the rules. FACT.

2. More laughs per minute than Jurassic Park.

3. The most flatulent hula-hoop routine you ever done seen.

4. Songs about dinosaur spew and dinosaur poo that are completely different songs and not just the same song with one word changed.

5. Bestshowyoueversaur.

Dinosaur Guts is on at Melbourne Town Hall. For more information and bookings visit the website:

5 Good Reasons to see Shane Matheson – Shane Talent Time

1.There is a different special guest comedian for each performance
performing one of their own hits. Like when Young Talent Time had
Kamahl come on! (Note: Kamahl won’t be appearing in my show)

2.Kamahl will be in the show! He won’t though. My loss really. Imagine
if he just turned up! I’d probably let him in for free, because it’s
Kamahl. He’s a very good singer and would certainly show me a thing or

3.The show has a song about a… oh god I can’t say this without
laughing because it’s TOO hilarious. A song, about a DOG who can drive
a BUS! Where’s my Barry Award? (Rhetorical)

4.Someone once said of one of my shows “I was laughing the whole time
and I don’t even know why”. Please come along and help me figure it
out because I don’t know either.

5.It’s not all songs though. There’s stand up and jokes. Remember
jokes? Comedy used to have heaps of them. Now it’s just things like
songs about a dog that can drive a bus. Although I must say, that does
sound pretty amazing.

Shane Talent Time is on at ACMI in the Games Room from April 11.

5 Good Reasons to see Dave Bloustien, Laura Davis and Shane Matheson.

5 reasons to see Dave Bloustien’s Grand Guignol 

1. Rip It Up Magazine said “murder will never make you laugh so hard”. And they’re from Adelaide, so they should know.

2. It’s equal parts comedy and horror. So if it’s hilarious, it’s comedy. And if it’s horrible, it’s on purpose.

3. It has creeptastic puppets designed and built by Henson-trained comedian Lana Schwarcz and original music written and performed by FourPlay String Quartet’s Peter Hollo (with Dave) (you can see / hear some of it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zWBBIjim0NU)

4. It has something for everyone: standup, storytelling, extreme silliness, a castrated pharoah, party political cult conspiracies, fractured fairy tales, barista confessions, beat poetry and a fez.

5. In 10 years of comedy, it’s the best thing Dave Bloustien (Good News Week, Glass house, Randling) has written. And he’s written a LOT.

6. It’s ‘arts’ so you can enjoy it, even if you are innumerate.

Dave Bloustien’s Grand Guignol is on at Trades Hall in the The Evatt Room


FIVE REASONS TO SEE Laura Davis Look Out, It’s a Trap!

1: This is the worst joke Laura has ever written. Q: “What’s a ghosts favourite kind of beer? A: Ghosts don’t like beer. They prefer spirits. See? Even that’s pretty good.

2: If you would like to see what it would be like if Lisa Simpson did Stand-Up Comedy.

3: If you’d like to see something that you’ll never have expected unless you’re very good at expecting things.

4: The show is free. As in the adjective, not the adverb. “You walk out feeling warm, contented, practically hugged…Go and see Laura Davis if you like laughing and feeling nice.” –Watchoutfor.com

5:Laura has been compared to Comics Daniel Kitson, Josie Long and David O’Doherty. If you enjoy any of those people, then you’ll probably enjoy “Look Out, It’s a Trap!”

Laura Davis Look Out, It’s a Trap! is on at The Tuxedo Cat from the 11th of April


Five good reasons to see Shane Matheson  And The Immortal Space Hopper of Doom

1.Last year I won the mysterious “Jhonsy Award” for most innovative local act.

2.The show has a great Broadway number.

3.The audience gets to join in the fun by throwing things at me.

4.It contains a topical joke about 16th Century religious persecution.

5.I literally die on stage (not literally).

Shane Matheson And The Immortal Space Hopper of Doom is on at The Tuxedo Cat from the 11th of April




Shane Matheson and his Fabulous Singing Bucket of Gravel

By Colin Flaherty.

Direct from the quarries of Bombo NSW, comes Shane and his bucket of gravel. Perched stage left on a stool, this unnamed bucket of gravel of undetermined gender has its own microphone and sings duets with Shane. Some banter, jokes, chip eating breaks and various other shenanigans add up to a bizzare hour in the company of this unlikely duo.

With an inanimate object as a singing partner you certainly wouldn’t expect a performance of operatic quality. Shane warbles his way through the tunes while the bucket does a similar job, albeit a highly synthesised version. The fun comes from witnessing Shane selling these silly songs with excessive grandeur, trying in vain to hit the high notes and shoving in way too many words to scan. They are all one joke songs but some are very short to get to their wacky point immediately while others play up on childish repetition to ridiculous proportions.

Aside from the set list of songs and some banter between, the other elements of the show had the appearance of having little structure; although this randomness was likely to have been carefully planned. To add to the confusion of jumping from one odd concept to the next without clear segues, Shane had the habit of cutting some bits short either through his own apathy or lack of audience response. This resulted in most of his segments having their laughs coming from the initial strange concept rather than building to a punchline.

There were a couple of segments that clearly would have been improved with a pay off but unfortunately we were left dangling. The shocking revelation about the bucket was followed up with a single throwaway line rather than an extended exchange between the pair. This lack of clear conflict between them was wasted; the dramatic situation was instantly and inexplicably resolved as the duo sang a song of reconciliation.

Although it may not be a regular occurrence, tonight’s performance featured an ASLAN Interpreter which added some extra strangeness with every strange utterance from Shane’s mouth being signed. Shane couldn’t resist throwing a couple of curly words at the woman to keep her on her toes.

Those who need their cues to laugh clearly sign-posted will be left scratching their heads at this performance. This would not be a show to appeal to a meat and potatoes stand up crowd. Others who like their humour more on the strange and silly side will have a whale of a time.

Shane Matheson and his Fabulous Singing Bucket of Gravel is on at St Ali Cafe


5 Good Reasons to see Shane Matheson, Jenny Wynter & Elegant Heroin

5 Reasons to See “Shane Matheson and his Fabulous Singing Bucket of Gravel”

1.It’s AT LEAST the second funniest show with a singing bucket of gravel in the festival.

2.You’ll be pleasantly surprised how quickly you can get to the venue. I visited it carrying a bucket of gravel and it not only took ten minutes from the city, but a pregnant lady stood up for the bucket of gravel because it looked tired.

3.I’m giving away a free car* with every ticket

4.My tickets will be much more expensive next year because St Ali hasa knack for discovering great things, like that time they discovered Australia! (Sure, there were already people living here but that’s never counted before).

5.I’m a lovable kook.



5 Reasons to See “An Unexpected Variety Show”.

1. Because the 7 people who saw it last time it was in Melbourne (for the Fringe, where it ended up winning the Award for Excellence in Cabaret), cannot be wrong.

2. Because you simply cannot pass up an opportunity to bathe in cheesy 80’s dance references.

3. Because after sampling the incredible array of comedic talent on offer this Comedy Fest, you feel like trying something a little different on your palate in the form of an emotional roller coaster. Wheeee!

4. Because you relate to your life not having turned out the way you wanted (this show is all about the unexpected twists in life, from unplanned pregnancy to having your wedding interrupted by an elderly man wearing Speedoes.)

5. Because you get to come to the fabooshy Butterfly Club, which is an evening well spent even if the show sucks buttocks.



5 Reasons to See “Bosco & Jekyll – Elegant Heroin”

1. It contains a safe alternative to Auto-erotic asphyxiation .

2. A guy eats a lightbulb with his mouth hole.

3. Instruments featured include: Kazoo, Spoons & beatbox loopedaling.

4. 2 Sydney-based stand-ups who spent over $150 on petrol to get to Vic.

5. There are no references to social networking – that’s a HUGE plus!