2022 Melbourne International Comedy Festival Awards

The Melbourne International Comedy Festival Awards were given out today live on the Festival’s (rather choppy) Facebook feed. Opened by Steph Tisdale and hosted by Joel Creasey.

Congratulations to ALL the nominees and winners!

Most Outstanding Show 

WINNER: Rhys Nicholson – Rhys! Rhys! Rhys!

Aaron Chen If Weren’t Filmed Nobody Would Believe
Cameron James Electric Dreams
Danielle Walker Nostalgia
Geraldine Quinn Broad
Greg Larsen We All Have Bloody Thoughts
Laura Davis If This Is It
Rhys Nicholson Rhys! Rhys! Rhys!

Best Newcomer

– for a solo performer or group of performers doing their first Festival show

WINNER: Frankie McNair – Relax Your Knees

Will McKenna Appellation
Frankie McNair Relax Your Knees
Bronwyn Kuss Any Goss?
Steph Broadbridge Hot Chick/Tired Mum
Sunanda Loves Britney
Mish Wittrup Soy Fat White

The Golden Gibbo

– in memory of the late, great Lynda Gibson – is aimed at finding a local, independent show that pursues the artists’ idea more than it pursues commercial gain.

WINNER: Alex Hines To Schapelle And Back

Mel & Sam Shit-Wrecked!
Maria Angelico The Disappearing Act
Geraldine Quinn Broad
Ashley Apap Ouch!
Aiden Willcox Lightly Familiar
Ross Purdy Hey Hey It’s Doomsday
Alex Hines To Schapelle And Back

Directors’ Choice Award 

– awarded by the Festival Director in consultation with festival programming colleagues to a show they think deserves to be celebrated;

WINNER: Wil Anderson – Wilogical and Bronwyn Kuss – Any Goss?

The People’s Choice Award

-for the most popular show of the Festival as determined by the ticket buying public;

WINNER: Urzila Carlson – It’s Personal!

The Pinder Prize

– honouring Festival co-founder John Pinder, and supporting a performer to travel to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe

WINNER: Danielle Walker Nostalgia

The Piece of Wood

– comics’ choice award, selected by past winners and presented to a peer literally for “doin’ good stuff ‘n’ that”

WINNER: Tina Del Twist!

5 Good Reasons to see Luke McGregor, URZILA CARLSON and Nath Valvo

5 Good Reasons to see Luke McGregor – My Soulmate Is Out Of My League

1. It’s my first solo show, so I’ll be a nervous wreck, which should be good to watch.

2. I know I said I’ll be a nervous wreck above but I don’t want you to think I won’t remember the jokes or anything.

3. Maybe I won’t be nervous? Maybe on the night I’ll be super confident (no chance).

4. Maybe if I wear sunglasses the whole time I’ll be less nervous…

5. Please come.

Luke McGregor will be performing at the Portland Hotel in the Locker Room




1. You get to listen to my dulcet tones for an hour.

2. You get to look at some eye candy for an hour.

3. You learn valuable life lessons that could save your life.

4. My show is the tri nations of comedy, a South African Kiwi in Australia.

5. It’s funny

Urzila will be performing at The Melb Town Hall in the Portico Room


Nath Valvo Almost 30

1. I guarantee you will leave my show feeling better about your own life. I am 29 years old and had to move back in with my parents last year. Do you know how it feels to cock block your own Dad?!


3. If you have ever worn a hyper colour T shirt, owned a Hit Machine CD, watched Agro’s Cartoon Connection, drank Dr Pepper … DID I MENTION THERE IS CAKE??

4. I recently purchased a pirated DVD copy of what was meant to be ‘Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2’ …. it turned out to be illegal amateur footage of the most disturbing slash hilarious thing I have ever seen. I reveal what I saw in my show. It will blow your mind and stay with with you for weeks.

5. I will murder a puppy for every ticket not sold at my show.

Nath will be performing at Trades Hall in The Annex