5 Good Reasons to See Squeaky Clean Comedy

1.  It’ll be “original and genuinely funny” – The Burn Magazine. That’s why we go to the Comedy Festival, right? Squeaky Clean Comedy has a strong track record of fantastic reviews, with respected and award-winning artists, so it’s pretty much a guaranteed pick.


2. It’s “a show that caters to all tastes”Comedy Beast. 10 comedians from across Australia will present everything from slapstick to dark and edgy, to spoken word poetry and puppetry.


3. It’s “excellent bang for your buck” – The Pun. 10 comedians, two and a half hours, for only a bit more than a ticket to a single show would be.


4. You get a bonus feel-good factor. Just by being there, you’re helping to raise awareness of the life-saving water and sanitation work that World Vision does overseas.


5. It’s clean. So you can bring anyone without fear of the awkward cringe factor. Our comedians take up the challenge to rely solely on wit, timing and delivery to make audiences laugh. So while they might push the envelope sometimes, you know you’re in good hands.