Rose Matafeo: Sassy Best Friend

By Phoebe O’BrienSassy Best Friend

New Zealand comedian Rose Matafeo is inspired by rom-coms. Although, she may feel she embodies the ‘sassy best friend’ character who frequently crops up in those soppy classics as the name of the show suggests, evidently she makes for a strong lead showcased in her follow up to her debut show ‘Finally Dead’.

Rose has a gift. From the get-go she’s so energetic and engaging it’s impressive. Exuding charm and confidence her quick witted, natural storytelling instantly grabs the crowd with seemingly exceptional ease for an hour of pure joy. Her comedy is teamed with theatrics, physicality and musical elements which are clearly a nod to her high school musical days.

As the seats surround her quickly fill, she casually chats to the earlier seated guests.
She’s relaxed and comfortable in her self-made buzzing bubble and luckily we’re all invited in.

Rose will have you eating out the palm of her hand as what’s on offer is a delicious take on stand up, sketch and improv that is relatable and powerful. You’ll be leaning in just that little bit closer to catch everything she says, even the loose throw away comments will get a laugh. Including the laugh of recognition to the mention of Dolly Magazine and the never ending list of unnecessary personality quizzes these magazines could churn out for young women to use to decipher their own behaviour like ‘Which Spice Girl Are You?’

Her continuously upbeat presence contrasts to some of the heavier themes that are sprinkled throughout the show, however her delivery remains strong and clever while discussing issues relating to the mental impact the pill can have on women and she underpins the reality of the lack of diversity and white washing in Hollywood cinema with an adjustment to the Rhianna song ‘Work’, to ‘white’.

Sassy Best Friend is punchy and delightful, while elegantly wrapped in an 80’s rom-com/teen flick. A must see.

Sassy Best Friend is on at Pleasance Courtyard until August 27