It Takes Three To Tango

By Ron Bingham

Amaya, Lottie and Will have all come to audition for the part of TV presenter and they haven’t seen each other since “The Big Fight”. Using a series of sketches, montages and dream sequences, they share their sad and sordid backstories, broken romances, unusual obsessions and freakish desires. The big question in the show is whether they can overcome their differences and the horror of “The Big Fight”, and work together.

It Takes Three To Tango is the Fringe debut of talented trio; Lottie Elton (of Perth, Western Australia),Will Owen and Amaya Holman, who all hail from Cambridge Footlights and are sure to make their hallowed society proud. This tightly scripted show sees the enthusiastic cast playing their parts admirably, with many amusing scenes and lots of quality humour.

There is no audience participation required, so you’re safe to sit in the front row. The room is lovely and cool, with comfortable seating.  It Takes Three To Tango should appeal to most people who want to relax with some talented funny performers and enjoy a themed sketch comedy show in the afternoon at the Fringe.

It Takes Three to Tango is on at 2pm at Underbelly, Bristo Square until August 25