Perfect Tripod : Australian Songs

By Alanta Colley

Tripod and Eddie Perfect are a match made in heaven. Perfect’s jazz tones and soulful bass complement the already dynamic and elastic voices of the infamous comedy trio. Performing in the 900 seater Play House in the Arts Centre the quartet display the full range of their musical prowess. Though despite the fancy venue and the formal suits they’ve not discarded the playful irreverence for which we know and love them for; using VB bottles for tuning; and being ready to mock each other at any given opportunity.

This show is a celebration of the richness of Australia’s musical heritage. It’s hard not to swim in sentimentality as we encounter the familiar sounds from the halls of musical fame. John Farnham’s ‘You’re the Voice’ gets a reworking that is not a little cheeky. Gotye’s celebrated ‘Heart’s a Mess’ takes on a new dimension; the four part male harmony fully embodying its sweet soulfulness. The more modern greats in the shape of Lanie Lane and Clare Bowditch are also included in the line-up. The Bee Gees; those sometime Australians also made an appearance. As well as a few delightful features from Tripod and Perfect’s own body of works.

The show is an emotional rollercoaster; full of laughs, reminiscence and spinal chills at moments of absolute pitch perfection. There are no low points in the performance. Flexing their musical mastery every song inhabits a different genre and a new interpretation from the original. The four exercise egalitarianism in divvying the spotlight; taking turns to lead. The result is an ever moving, entirely entertaining hour of vocal magic.

This is the second time round this show has been part of the Melbourne Comedy Festival and it is no less enjoyable the second time round. New songs have made it to the set list. An ecstatic evening of A cappella brilliance from Australia’s deeply loved comic muses.

Australian Songs was on at Arts Centre Melbourne, Playhouse