Miss Glory Pearl: The Naked Stand-Up

By Ron Bingham

OK, your host will be standing on stage naked from the start to the finish, but you will not be required to remove any clothing (although if it as hot as it was the night I was there, that could be a disappointment).

Miss Glory starts with a bit of her employment history (school teacher, burlesque dancer, stripper, advertising executive, but NOT a nudist) and, like all good ex-teachers, gives the audience a lovely, relaxed but well structured lecture about why she decided to perform her first Edinburgh show in this fashion, what the potential legal perils and penalties of not wearing clothes are (can anyone explain “decent exposure”?), and why her body is not as those depicted in magazines and advertisements are.

During the show, the audience is asked to participate in a discussion about their best and worst ‘bits’ and whether this defines what they are. The atmosphere is very relaxed and pleasant throughout the show and you will soon forget the lady talking to you is not wearing any clothes. This show is highly recommended if you are embarrassed by any of your “bits” or are curious as to whether it is possible to see a naked lady without ‘exploding in a ball of lustful desire’ (thanks, religion). It is also very funny in a laid back way (blimey, it’s hard to review a show about a naked lady without accidently slipping in a double entendre or two, isn’t it?).

Miss Glory Pearl is performing The Naked Stand-Up at Just the Tonic at The Caves.
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