5 Good Reasons To See Phill Davies in Marveled: An Original Parody Cabaret

1. Through this show, I will bring you up to date with where we’re at in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, all while I dress up in more superhero costumes than Infinity Stones.

2. We’ve got a whole band! That’s right, not just a solo piano, but a full 5 piece ensemble. And one of our Band Members have never seen a Marvel film, so you’ll probably know more about Marvel than he does!

3. We’re in the super nice Studio Theatre at Gasworks Arts Park in Albert Park! Literally just a short tram ride from the CBD!

4. We have a Disney song in the show like you’ve never heard before, and who doesn’t like a little Disney.

5. We have a Hulk.

Marveled is on at Gasworks Arts Park from April 9 to 13