5 Good Reasons To See Michael Shafar 50/50

  1. Michael Shafar is a comedian and joke writer for The Project on Channel 10. Australia’s best and only TV show.


  1. He just performed his new show 50/50 for the first time at Perth’s Fringe World and sold out every show and got a sweet ★★★★1/2 review.


  1. The show is about getting testicular cancer a bit over a year ago. Don’t worry, he’s fine. This isn’t like his Make A Wish or anything.


  1. Seriously, the show is very funny. It’s not a Ted Talk.


  1. It’s on 28 March – 21 April at Victoria Hotel. $2 from every ticket sold in Melbourne is being donated to Cabrini Hospital where Michael underwent all of his treatment and surgeries. Keep the receipt and claim it as a tax deduction.

Michael Shafar performs 50/50 at The Victoria Hotel