Eleanor Tiernan – Success Without a Sex Tape.

By Peter Newling

When you walk into a show called “Success Without a Sex Tape”, and the only thing on the stage when you enter the space is a large screen TV, it does make you wonder if you missed the R rating warning. But we needn’t have worried.

Irish comic Tiernan uses the hour to explore if it’s possible to live a happy and comfortable life if you don’t release a sex tape. After all – all the big stars are doing it. Surely a sex tape will lead to popularity, notoriety, love, wealth and happiness?

Tiernan explores this premise through a delightful series of personal stories, exploring those notions of fame, success and happiness. The stories involve explorations of her relationships with, among other things, her family, get rich quick schemes, singledom, cats, rats and catholics.

Tiernan’s delivery style is friendly and genial, but at the same time kind of nervous and staccato. It’s not the slick, polished delivery style of most stand-ups, but it’s ideally suited to her material. As she explores her own personal story, and the life decisions she has made, it’s like she’s seeking understanding or even forgiveness from her audience.

As Tiernan says, it’s all about how we manage shame. And that’s pretty close to being the theme of the show. It’s about life choices and how we go about owning them, justifying them and being able to live with them.

Does she end up deciding to make a sex tape? You’ll have to go along to find out.

Eleanor Tiernan Success Without A Sex Tape is playing at ACMI Studio til Apr 21