Five Good Reasons to see: Damian Callinan, Wing Attack, Dirty Mimes, and ALASDAIR TREMBLAY-BIRCHALL


1. A comedy virus has run through the comedy community and all shows except for Damian Callinan in ‘Robinson Crusoe’ have been cancelled.

2. Damian was sensible enough to be inoculated

3. There is no risk to members of the general public as the virus only effects comedians

4. Damian is directing all proceeds from ticket sales to finding a cure for this heinous disease

5. ‘Accchheeewww! … Shit!’

5 Reaons to come see WING ATTACK in PANTS (Pants)

1.  PANTS – After last year’s comedy festival show ‘Wing Attack’ received much criticism in the press for failing to include any references to netball, the performers realised the need to be completely honest in naming this show and to deliver what the title promises.  This year they can promise pants. They really can.

2.  (Pants) – Very few other shows at the comedy festival have explanatory parenthetical clauses in their titles that merely repeat the title in italics.  This one does.  Who doesn’t need more explanatory parenthetical clauses in their lives? Nobody?  We thought so.

3.  A systematic deconstruction of the medium of sketch and its reassembly into a fully functioning robotic vacuum cleaner – Who amongst us has had it up to here (gestures to neck level) with sketches set in the cliched scenarios of doctor’s surgeries, restaurants, doctors in restaurants, restaurants in surgery and training days at meat packing plants?  What, everybody?  Oh … damn.  This show contains at least 5 sketches set in doctors surgeries.

4. Satire – this show will lampoon and parody some of the key issues facing you today, assuming that you are currently facing a doctor’s surgery, a restaurant or a meat packing plant, and that you confuse ‘issues’ with ‘buildings’.  It will also be the first show to finally take the ancient Greek philosopher ‘Thales’ to task for his frankly stupid theory that everything in the universe is made out of water.  About time! (we hear you cry)

5. None of the above – We were joking about all of the other reasons.  The real reason to come and see this show is because it will make you lol.

5 Reaons to see DIRTY MIMES

1 We have home made prosthetic Nipples

2 The most wildly physical show in the festival

3 Bad Pussy

4 I give birth to myself nightly

5 You won’t be comfortable but you’ll be happy



1. You haven’t heard of Alasdair Tremblay-Birchall and you are a
person who likes to try new things like watching standup by guys
called Alasdair Tremblay-Birchall

2. You might think that the world is amazing but are desperately
looking for an excuse for why that may not be the case. There’s a bit
in this show about exactly that!

3. You know how people say that life is too short? Well it’s not, it’s
really long and really dull and you need to fill it with content like
my show cause it takes way more energy to create your own content
(trust me).

4. Just come and see my show.

5. Look, the show is now a compilation of all the best stuff I’ve done
over the last few years, I think its original, funny and thats all
that it is, there isnt a third thing that it also is.