5 Good Reasons to see Murphy McLachlan Tries Everything

5) There will be impersonations.

Some say I’m the man of a thousand voices. Not me. I say I’m the man
of a thousand and one voices. But there’s only time for about two in
the show. My own and a fairly spot on Christopher Walken impression.
Maybe a Kermit the Frog attempt if there’s time. Maybe.

4) There will be caricatures.

I didn’t have time for learnin’ or readin’ or educatinin’ back in
school. I was too busy doodlin’. That’s the technical term for drawing
pictures of the Simpsons. If you’re lucky enough, I’ll draw a
caricature of you during the show! Especially if you look like a
character from The Simpsons. Preferably Milhouse. It’s fun to draw

3) There will be music.

I’m not going to let a little thing like not having any musical talent
in the slightest stop me from smashing out the greatest power ballad
society will experience. Or I’ll just play the Smoke on the Water
riff. That’s probably easier actually.

2) There will be magic.

If you’re lucky enough to put your hand up and volunteer, you’ll get
to help me out with a magic trick during the show! Don’t worry, it’s
just a simple card trick; I’m not going to set you on fire!

I got in some legal trouble last time I did that, so I had to make
some alterations…
It’ll still be fun though!

1) There will be every other form of entertainment!

Dancing, singing, miming, burlesquing, ventriloquisming- they’ll all
be in there!
But why take my word for it?!
Because it’s my show.