Rose Matafeo – Finally Dead

By Elyce Phillips Rose Matafeo pic

This MICF, Rose Matafeo is hosting her own funeral in Finally Dead, bringing together her loves of event management, death and attention. It’s a darkly amusing hour of stand-up, skits and songs that reveal this New-Zealand-based comic as one to watch.

In Finally Dead, Matafeo takes the audience through the plans for her funeral – from the catering to the music – and along the way covers a diverse range of topics, such as sandwich etiquette, airplane conversations, and the works of Sean Paul. Matafeo has thought her death through, a lot more than the average person in the audience. But as she points out, we’re all going to die, so you really should have this stuff planned. It’s macabre, yet joyful, as we see how Matafeo would choose to celebrate her life.

Matafeo is an incredibly charismatic performer. Her comic timing is impeccable, and she had the audience in stitches throughout. If you can convince punters to participate in mime without any hassle, you’re definitely doing something right. Matafeo also shows off her excellent singing chops in a couple of brief segments. Joining her onstage is Paul Williams, who brings his “improv skills” into the mix – often uninvited.

The level of production that has gone into Finally Dead is impressive. Attention has been paid to lighting and sound cues, there are costume changes and props, and all of this adds to the show. It’s ambitious, and Matafeo has succeeded in pulling it off. It all feels very polished.

Finally Dead is the most fun you’ll have at a funeral this year. I’ll certainly be adding Matafeo to my must-see list in years to come.

Rose Matafeo – Finally Dead is on at the Victoria Hotel Vic’s Bar until April 17