5 Good Reasons to see Jen Mackie & Maddie Parker in Live. Laugh. Love.

5. Kath and Kim hasn’t aged as well as you would have liked.
Live. Laugh. Love. is a huge nod to our four mothers: Kath, Kim, Prue, Trude. We live, we stan, we die, duh. But even though the show is a cultural icon, and a perfect work of flawless female comedy, it’s a snapshot in time. Jan and Marie are the woke versions of Kath and Kim, with a little more cultural capital and a little more chianti. It’s the 2020 update Kath and Kim fans need.

4. Female Friendship is very *now*
Tina and Amy. Kirsten and Maya. Elena Ferrante’s Neapolitan Quartet, if you’re bookish. And now: Jan and Marie. Jan and Marie are best friends whose support of each other to be the best versions of themselves is borderline aggressive. And frankly, the same goes for their creators, Maddie and Jen.

3. It’s different every time (unlike normal, boring comedy)
You can see any number of shows at MICF that are the same night after night, but Jan and Marie have whole swathes of the show that are made up on the spot, based on life advice questions from the audience. That means you could come and see the show multiple times and have a totally different experience. Heck, you could even get completely conflicting advice on the same issue.

2. Your pelvic floor is still intact.
No matter how many kegels you’re doing, you know that prolapse will come for all of us. If you can still laugh without too much pee coming out, run, don’t walk to our show. Jan and Marie have had to stock up on incontinence pads because they’re just having too much fun to hold in their wees on stage.

1. Your life is a mess.
Jan and Marie have answered questions like “How do I keep the spark alive in my marriage”, “My sister’s baby is ugly, what should I do?” and “How do I convince my much younger colleagues that I’m cool?” and they have never got it wrong. Every morsel of advice they have dispensed has been gold, and anyone who thinks they’ve been led astray has been wrong. Break up with your therapist; ask Jan and Marie how to solve your problems instead. They’ve got a LOT of opinions.

Live. Laugh. Love. is on at Tasma Terrace from April 6 to April 19