5 Good Reasons to See Magic Steven – I’m Proud of You

1. I think the show will be of highest quality.

2. It’s in a nice theatre. Southbank Theatre, on Southbank Boulevard.

3. Whatever I do will be “coming from a good place,” intentions are good.

4. My new book of drawings Hug From The Universe will be available at this show.

5. Good to get out of the house sometimes?

Magic Steven performs I’m Proud of You at Southbank Theatre, The Lawler


5 Good Reasons to See Magic Steven – Try To Love Everyone

1. I try to be real & unconvensh, at all times.
2. When I use public transport in Melbourne, my thing is… I always touch on and touch off, using ‘MYKI’.
3.  I’m putting my heart and soul into this show.
4. You might love it.
5. “He’s just working through some stuff.” – The Herald Sun, reviewing my last show.
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