Scottish Falsetto Socks: Eurovision Sock Contest

By Ron Bingham

The return of the Socks sees our noble heroes performing the Eurovision Sock Contest, in a truly rude and naughty manner. Before the show started, some of the songs from previous shows were being played as the audience arrived and, when that was turned off to allow the show to begin there was a lot of disappointed noises from punters who were merrily humming along. These socks have fans. Like me.

The Eurovision Sock Contest sees six countries vying for the top prize, France (so many stereotypes), Scandinavia (yes, ALL of Scandinavia as a time-saving measure), Germany (techno-Kraftwerkish), a mish-mash of all the Balkan states which I could never repeat, Ireland (a garden gnome as Graham Norton bitching about the conditions Eurovision commentators work under – sounding fairly true to life) and the UK (a filthy song about a political decision made by this country a few years ago).

A lot of swearing, bad jokes, terrible puns, dodgy accents, dubious political commentary, ridiculous costume changes and all the other things one has come to expect from The Socks down the years. Ridiculous, hilarious and totally silly, fun show. I still believe there must be a monkey hidden behind the curtain helping with some of the trickier costume changes. Instead it’s a very sweaty Kev Sutherland performing this insane marathon alone every night. May he have the stamina to keep it up for many years to come.

Eurovision Sock Contest is on at Gilded Balloon Teviot

Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre – Minging Detectives

By Ron Bingham 2015SCOTTIsh Socks

Becoming a bit of an institution at the Edinburgh Fringe, this year in Minging Detectives the socks are tackling the world of crime, going back through all the great detectives in history and showcasing their skills. The Socks sing some enchanting songs – about racism in the police force and a jihadist lament to name the two most potentially offensive ones. They impress us with a little piece of Shakespeare, a lot of “there’s bin a murdurrrr” ala Taggart and manage to handle a few extremely mystifying interjections from the audience when asked for crimes or crime shows. We get references to most of the great Scottish detectives, some Sweeney, a dash of Morse, a touch of Juliet Bravo, a little bit of Scandanavia and a smattering of the States, but it’s mostly gangsta and Dixon of Dock Green. As always they dazzle us with hard hitting groaner puns, amazingly fast costume changes and very silly jokes.

A thoroughly enjoyable hour of entertainment provided by the astonishingly talented Kev F Sutherland, who writes and performs the puppet double act stuck in a sweaty box on stage. He’s been doing this for about ten years now and you can check out their fabulous videos online which will really whet your appetite for seeing them live which is a fabulous experience.

This show starts at 10.30pm and it starts ON TIME. I rushed from another show upstairs and got in three minutes after the official and actual start time. Whatever happened to late night shows starting half an hour after their official time? Get a ticket, get there early and get ready to laugh at some very offensive jokes and songs performed by some cute (grey wool blend, I’d say) Socks.

At The Gilded Balloon