5 Good reasons to see Clare Bartholomew & Daniel Tobias: The Anniversary

1) Clare & Daniel are known for creating the loudest rock band at MICF (Die Roten Punkte), but this year they’re hardly saying a word!

2) The Anniversary is one of the few comedies in the theatre genre for MICF and is being performed in the beautiful Beckett Theatre at Malthouse, it’s a theatre comedy sandwich!

3) There are fake stabby knives galore!

4) They’re a multi award winning team who’ve toured the world with their irreverent brand of comedy.

5) The show involves a party! Who doesn’t want to come to a physical comedy slapstick party?!

Clare Bartholomew & Daniel Tobias perform The Anniversary at The Malthouse Mar 31 – Apr 17


5 Good Reasons To See Subhumans

1. You get to combine your love of classic horror movies like Alien and The Thing with your love of going out to see live comedy. And it’s proper theatre at La Mama Courthouse so you can bring your parents or your older kids or your older kids’ parents. It’s for everyone.

2. If you were once part of a British World War II submarine crew who were killed one by one by an unseen beast, while attempting to assassinate Hitler, then you will find this farcical comedy play to be very relatable and entertaining.

3. If you were not once part of a British World War II submarine crew who were killed one by one by an unseen beast, while attempting to assassinate Hitler, then you will find this hilarious play to be very comforting and amusing. Either way, you’re a winner.

4. You get to experience six amazing character peformances, combined with a soundscape that will transport you into the bowels of a submarine for a joyously tense story about a hunt for a crazy monster.

5. This is from the makers of Incognito!, Denouement!, Mystery Radio Theatre, Man Bites God and Theatre of the World, so you’re in good hands as you let these pros provide you with an evening of fun and a timely reminder that the comedy festival isn’t just for stand-up. Hope to see you there.

Subhumans is on at LaMama April 19 – 24 All tickets and information can be found here:


5 Good Reasons to See Ange Lavoipierre: I’ve Got 99 Problems And Here Is An Exhaustive List Of Them

1. People should see this show if they’re arachnophobes because I personally guarantee there are no actual spiders in this show. Which means, statistically, you’re more likely to meet one by not attending. It’s not advice, but it is something to think about.

2. People should see this show because frankly 99 problems was too many problems to try to squeeze into an hour, and it might be fun to watch me struggle with that.

3. People should see this show if they have ever been personally attacked by the Duolingo owl.

4. People should see this if they like their comedy clever, offbeat and silly, with something to say.

5. People should see this show if they’re sick of seeing the same stories on stage, told in the exact same way, because this show is definitely something else.


5 Good reasons to see Gabbi Bolt: I Hope My Keyboard Doesn’t Break

1. It’s got music! This show is kinda like if my life to this point was condensed into 60 minutes of the world’s most chaotic mixtape. All original songs, composed and written by me! (with the help of a drum machine or two).But no dance numbers… actually scratch that, one dance number… bold to call it “dance” though…

2. PIANO! I know you’d think this would tie into point one, but the show is called I Hope My Keyboard Doesn’t Break so it feels weird not to mention that I also play piano. I’ve been playing piano since I was 5, though if you know anything about correct pianist technique you can definitely not tell. But anyway it’s big, it’s red, it’s heavy… actually does someone wanna be a roadie? It’s like, really heavy.

3. If you’ve ever enjoyed a pub lunch in a beer garden, rented/bought a house, had a kid (or actively chose not to), been harassed online, or just have otherwise given up trying to care about life two years into a pandemic, you’ll like this show. (I can’t really give context to this but just trust me.)

4. There is a bar, and you can drink very lovely drinks from it. And y’know what they say… It’s 5:30pm (my show is at 5:30pm) somewhere!

5. I’m coming from Sydney. So if nothing else, Melbourne locals should come just to pity me.

Gabbi Bolt Performs I Hope My Keyboard Doesn’t Break at The Butterfly Club


5 Good reasons to see The Travelling Sisters: Thy – Thus – ‘Twas

1. This show started touring in 2020 and when covid cancelled our tour, we made a web series about the characters – Meet the Mullets. It’s won some awards and was lots of fun to make – watch the web series and then come to the show, or the other way around, it’s a good time.

2. We play three young blokes desperate to create the most epic theatre show of all time – we also play their mums. It’s a ridiculous farce and there’s not a lot of ye olde character comedy going around these days.

3. This show was nommed for Best Comedy at Melbourne Fringe in 2019 and it’s only gotten better since then!

4. We are real life besties who studied acting in regional Queensland. We now play three bestie blokes from regional QLD who are trying to act and rehearse in their mum’s living rooms and garages… it’s very meta.

5. It is a truly joyful show and we are busting out of our skins to show it to you.

The Travelling Sisters perform Thy – Thus – ‘Twas at The Malthouse Apr 12 – 24


5 Good reasons to see Poncho: Keep it Up!

1. Have a heavenly human hype man hype you up with hypnotic hyperboles.

2. You’ll pleasantly walk the line between “I’m so glad I saw that!” and “what the hell did I just see?” but if given a chance you’d definitely want to see it again, and again, and again, but maybe no more again after that, because Poncho can only Keep it Up for so long.

3. Introduce you to a new type of relationship with fruit, perhaps leading to a reinvention of the family Christmas fruit salad.

4. So you can finally have the sex ed talk you always wanted at school but never got, only to realise that you actually didn’t want it after all.

5. To acknowledge that play and vulnerability are vital to keeping it up!

Dani Cabs performs Poncho: Keep it Up! at The Malthouse 12 – 24 Apr.