David Correos – I Can’t Stop Vibrating

By Colin Flaherty

Wow! David Correos is one hell of a comedy maniac! After displaying his gung-ho approach to being a contestant on Taskmaster NZ, he brings that same energy to MICF with I Can’t Stop Vibrating.

He is a loud, boisterous entertainer who constantly commands your full attention. He bounds around the stage like a toddler full of red cordial, excitedly sharing his thoughts and ideas with us, giving the odd shrieked punchline to make sure we’re awake. He crudely changes his appearance for a number of wacky physical bits that require considerable clean up of himself and the stage afterwards. This is comedy turned up to eleven!

In the vein of performers such as Chris Lynam and Johnny Knoxville, Correos is a barely controlled comedian who often puts his body on the line for our entertainment. There is always logic behind his bits which puts him well above being just a sideshow freak. He informs us that he has mellowed somewhat over the years but still has the ability to disturb audiences with physical feats of stupidity. An example of this new attitude is the official finale to this show, a piece that is beautiful, graceful and messy. Call him a practitioner of “Refined Gross Out Humour” if you will.

This hour is more than just wacky stunts. Hilarious stories from his life are told with some wonderfully bizzare observations peppered throughout. He rarely emerges from these tales smelling of roses but his often graphic descriptions are offset by his oafish charm.

Correos is certainly a performer who fully commits to the bit at all times in his quest for laughter and adulation. His anecdotes tell of offbeat ideas implemented only to realise halfway through it will soon lead to pain, audience disgust or both. He even demonstrates some singing talent, even though it quickly becomes apparent that the song is waaaaay beyond his limited range. This head first approach to comedy creates plenty of ridiculousness and danger to keep the punters enthralled and in constant hysterics.

Although he may be a little too much for some folk, those who like their comedy on the edge will lap this up. All hail the new king of comic mayhem!

I Can’t Stop Vibrating is on at The Greek until April 21