Five Good Reasons to see Capital Punishment 2012 and Constantinople

5 good Reasons to see the Capital Punishment 2012 show:
1. Features a new line up this year even your mum will want to get to.

2. Has Five comedians in one show so in the unlikely case you don’t like
one, you don’t have to wait long for another

3. All the comics are all very different in style and delivery to
tickle your variety fancy

4. There are not only jokes, but songs and dance in the show

5. Five comics one show for $20 screams “bargain”!!!

5 Good Reasons to see Constantinople
1. You get a free grape

2. Two men in togas. With special toga underpants on underneath…. mmmm

3. There is an 8 minute homage to early 90’s House Music.

4. I snort pepper.

5. There is an amazing joke with a mushroom.