Tom Gleeson – Good One

By Andrew Holmes, 

I’ve seen Tom Gleeson perform at the MICF for the last few years and he never fails to seriously entertain. His latest effort “Good One” is up there with some of the best he’s delivered in his special exuberant way which makes it so hilarious.

As per the usual Gleeson show, current affairs are given a fair spray with Politics and TV in general being the focal. You can often get an overload of this type of “Seinfeld-esque” humour but Tom really does throw himself into the show with his venting about everyday life and passionate delivery which keeps it fresh and entertaining.

This was great for the first 15 odd minutes but then the next segment of stories and jokes about recently becoming a Dad and the behavioural anomalies of his daughter did get a bit tiring.
Congratulations on becoming a Dad Tom! But for those in the audience that haven’t headed down this path yet, 15 minutes of the routine given over to this topic was more than a few of us wanted to deal with. Maybe I just want a few surprises.

After this, Gleeson picks up a paper and starts reading an article. It was a bit left field but as the story unfolded it all became clear and the show ends on a brilliant high that I’m pretty sure no-one saw coming. I won’t get into it here as you need to see the surprise to really appreciate it.

Besides the show being a bit disjointed, it was some classic Gleeson that keeps you coming back each year for more. I’m guessing next year will involve some more Daughter stories but I can forgive him for that.

Tom Gleeson is performing “Good One” nightly during the festival between the Victoria Hotel and the Lower Town Hall.