5 Good Reasons to see Jennifer Carnovale in Scraping the Barrel – free – in Edinburgh

Jennifer Carnovale has gone solo.
Previously half of Carnovale and Culp, who won Best Newcomer at the 2010 Sydney Comedy Festival, Jennifer is performing in Scraping the Barrel as part of the Free Fringe in Edinburgh.

Here are the 5 Good Reasons that you should see her show.

1. You have an interest in hating call centres, how London can cure depression, my fear of toddlers and everything else I’m going to talk about.

2. You have no interest in getting picked on, yelled at, preached to or any of the other things that have no place in this classy show. Though I may ask you to sign a petition to make pole dancing an Olympic sport. keep on slidin’ girls!

3. You have a spare 45mins in Edinburgh and know the best thing to do is to see my free show at The Three Sisters, while eating haggis soaked in whiskey with a Scotty dog, rain, Sean Connery and a highland cow*  A truly Welsh experience.

4. You find 5:30pm to be the perfect show viewing time. It’s too early to be drunk and too late to be sober, perfect!

5. I will at no point talk about my penis even though it pains me not to.

*Whiskey, haggis, rain, Scotty dogs, Sean Connery and Highland Cows are welcome and considered audience.

Show Link: http://www.laughinghorsecomedy.co.uk/edinburgh/show.asp?ShowID=875        (Laughing Horse)

or http://www.edfringe.com/whats-on/comedy/jennifer-carnovale-scraping-the-barrel-free   (Edinburgh Fringe)

And here’s her blog so you can keep up with her adventures in Edinburgh.