Vikki Stone – Definitely

By Ron Bingham

Another new performer for me, Vikki Stone is a comedian who plays the piano and sings songs but she does so much more than that. The show starts with the greatest ever motherf*cker opening song, with smoke machines, dance routines, costume changes and impressive stage props. Never have camel toes looked so elegant (on the camel, I mean).

The rest of the evenings entertainment consists of Vikki travelling on a Simon Cowell inspired journey towards fame, via the medium of songs about sexy scientist Brian Cox, iconic sports presenter Clare Balding, the trials and eating habits of her dog Bert and the messy subject of dog poo in plastic bags. The finale was a finely piece of cinema, with dancing dogs (which is the point where Vikki almost lost it, due to the unexpected dancing skills of the dog for the evening), choirs, fireworks, projected schmaltz and so much more.

This is an excellent and finely honed hour of entertainment that had the (almost) full house in stitches for the whole show. The props are suitably over the top and the songs are well written and quite rude in places (I wonder how Brian and Clare would feel if they happened to show up one night? That would be worth seeing). If you love risque entertainment from a lady who isn’t afraid to go just that little bit too far in search of a laugh, or dogs, or ridiculously overproduced showtunes (a la Simon Cowell’s entire ouvre), then see this show, but get your tickets now.

Vikki Stone performs Definitely at Underbelly Bristow Square at 7.20pm

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