5 Good Reasons to see Adam Rozenbach’s Breaking Booze

1.You could be the first to ever see a show at The Cube at ACMI at Fed Square. Imagine people’s responses when they hear that information… “Who cares?” “You’re boring.” “Get away from me!”

2. It’s a dry, cool environment, so if you’re a pantry item then it’s the perfect show for you. *Dried herbs get in free

3. You’ll spend a whole hour having endorphins released into your system, making you feel good. And that’s not just from the jokes; I constantly spray the audience with a fine mist of endorphins so that no matter what I do you’ll walk away feeling amazing. [I’ve not done this before so it may prove slightly addictive; prepare to see every show without ever really knowing why]

4. It’s the only show that accepts Bitcoin.

5. I haven’t quite worked out the mechanics of this, but I’m thinking of catching up on a missed year of drinking on stage. I know it won’t be easy downing fifteen slabs and 24 tequila shots in an hour, but I really want to give it a crack. If nothing else, the last ten minutes will be interesting/slurry.

Adam Rozenbachs Breaking Booze is on at The Melbourne Town Hall