5 Good Reasons to see Andrew Finegan Sings Songs from the End of the World

1. It’s educational. This show will inform you with a basic knowledge
of the history of the End of the World (‘cos we’ve come *that* close a
few times) and equip you with some survival strategies, should the End
of the World actually happen. Trust me, I’m a librarian.

2. There are songs. Most of them are original, and if you were to
secretly record them, take them to a music producer, and make an
album, then you could get rich. And then I could sue you for stealing
my music, and I’d get rich.

3. I’ve been doing it a while. I wrote a lot of it back in 2012, and
performed it a bunch of times last year. And then I had to rewrite a
whole heap of 2012 references (because let’s face it, the film wasn’t
that great).

4. It’s still relevant. Sure, 2012 is *so* two years ago, but the
beauty of the End of the World is that there’s always another one
around the corner. Sir Isaac Newton predicted the world would end in
2060, and that whole gravity thing worked out well for him.

5. It’s on at the Butterfly Club, with multiple floors of kitsch, a
cocktail bar, and some of the best comedy cabaret shows in the
festival. It’s one of my favourite places in town, and I’m
super-excited to be performing there.

Andrew Finegan sings Songs from the End of the World at The Butterfly Club