5 good reasons to see Pajama Party

1. It’s just like a party! But with more sitting in the dark, facing forward and laughing.

2. During our Adelaide run, a dog ran across the stage in the middle of the show. Can you believe it? A dog! It probably won’t happen again but you really can’t afford to take that chance.

3. You can show up in your sleepwear and no will look at you funny. Unless you sleep in the nude.

4. Two Words: Fairy Bread. Did you know Australia is the only country in the world with fairy bread? Look it up. It’s true. Not like that thing we made up about the dog running across the stage in Adelaide

5. If our show was a baked good it would be one of those Pork Floss buns from Breadtop. Equal parts sweet and terrifying.

Sarah Jones and Nicholas Johnson perform Pajama Party at The Downstairs Lounge @ The Swanston Hotel for the first two weeks of the festival.