5 Good Reasons to see Tom Lang in Love, Factually

1. You’ll learn more about nature than you maybe were prepared for. You may find it hard making eye contact with bees in future.

2. It’ll give you so many great conversation starters. Imagine you’re at a dinner party. There’s a lull in conversation. You pipe up with “Hey, did you know owls don’t have penises?” SMASH CUT TO AWESOME PARTY

3. Not standard standup comedy. Pictures, movies, animal bones, it’s an audiovisual extravaganza for MOST of the senses! (Try and guess which ones!).

4. The title sounds a bit like Love Actually so you can bring a date and by the time they realise it’s not a sappy ensemble romance-comedy, TOO LATE, they’re having the BEST DATE EVER.

5. It’s at the Duke, along with so many other good shows. So you can basically just sit in one place for four hours and see a week’s worth of comedy.

Tom Lang in Love, Factually is on at The Duke of Wellington Hotel