The Moon In Me

By Lisa Clark

Dylan Cole decided on a powerpoint-supported Dave Gorman-style adventure for this self-imposed experiment, where he reads his Horoscope at the end of each day for a year and sees whether it reflects the events in his life. Unfortunately or fortunately he chose to follow the Murdoch Empire’s waffly wanker – ahem…sorry – “astrologist”: UK resident Jonathan Cainer to follow.

Calling Cainer a great astrologist is a bit like saying Bolt is a great journalist as Dylan soon discovers with columns repeated verbatim on different dates and occasionally making little sense. Dylan never questions Cainer’s abilities however and amusingly plows on with trying to relate the horoscopes to his own life experiences, blaming his own inadequacies when Cainer’s column fails him.

The floor is strewn with pages of newspaper reminding us of that old adage of yesterday’s newspaper becoming tomorrow’s birdcage lining. Dylan also has a few books lying about that were part of his failed attempt to learn the art of astrology. Not surprising as it would be like trying to quickly learn a new language and Dylan has been too busy. He’s had a pretty tumultuous year to deal with while going through this experiment and takes us through these life events and what Cainer’s column had to say about them at the time. He makes some interesting discoveries and has some amusing insight into human nature and his own.

Dylan Cole is an engaging, humorous storyteller and has written a sweet and funny show about personal discovery with astrology as an over arcing theme if you will. This is not really the show to come to if you are keen on or want to learn anything about astrology or even if you want to see it thoroughly debunked and vilified. Dylan does however provide some insight and pokes gentle fun at horoscopes and people who take it too seriously.

The Moon In Me is on at The Tuxedo Cat at 9:45pm until September 28