5 Good Reasons to see Dolly Diamond The Real Queen Of Moomba

1. I’ve dedicated the last 22 years to try and become the Queen of MOOMBA (QOM), the least you can do is come along for one night.

2. It’s bloody funny.

3. I love Melbourne, and nearly all of the money from each ticket sold goes to me.
Except for Registration, Publicity, Advertising and Booze (which will go in me).

4. It’s my first year doing the MICF.
Which is like the first day of school or a new job..and we all remember how shit that was.
So come and watch me fall over & get grapes put down my knickers by the back row bullies.

5. Dave Hughes doesn’t need the money.

Dolly Diamond performs The Real Queen Of Moomba  at Trades Hall – The Music Room

For bookings and details go to the MICF website: