5 Good Reasons to see Isabella Valette – Media Release

1. It’s only 10 dollars to come to the preview. Other things that 10 dollars can buy are: A CD (no one buys them anymore!!), a car wash ( just wait for nature’s answer – the rain!), two five dollar notes (who needs them?), 2 minutes on a phone sex chat line (not long enough!!) …NONE of these things are going to make your life better in the way Media Release will. Or your money back!*

*no refunds.

2. The location – my venue is a Pilates studio by day and a laughter factory by night. So go limber up, grab a green tea, chase it with a coconut water, then grab a beer and settle in for some laffs!

3. If you want to see a range of favourites belted out (no, I don’t mean the box of chocolates. I am not going to belch out a whole box of Cadbury’s favourites. I mean ‘sing some hits’ for those who aren’t down with the theatre lingo the kids’ are speakin’ these days)

4. ‘if you have done unspeakable things for fame and money’  i.e – If you’ve ever been a struggling artist!

5. If you love Reality TV …

…If you hate Reality TV

Isabella Valette performs Media Release at