Katsura Sunshine – Let Me Tell You a Story About Japan

By Ron Bingham
Sunshine is a funny, friendly Canadian who moved to Japan sixteen years ago, and has since studied to become a Rakugo or traditional Japanese storyteller. This bright, cheerful show is about his experiences in living in Japan and learning the language, as well as the complexities of the social levels in Japanese society. Sunshine also has a storytelling show at 11am for all ages, which this is a little taster.

The show only runs for about forty minutes in the late afternoon, so is perfect for a filler between other shows or something just before dinner. If you are interested in Japan or want to see someone telling Japanese tales (in English and Japanese) very quickly, then I can thoroughly recommend the show. You may also learn to say thank you in Japanese forty seven different ways.

The only problem is that the venue, Espionage, is poorly signed and you need to go through the front door, down the stairs at the back (to the left) down the next set of stairs, across the room to your right, down another set of stairs through another room and down yet another set of stairs and it’s to your left (I think that was the way – probably better to hire a native guide or follow a trail of beans or something. It was like a maze down there).

So, to sum up, it’s quick, it’s funny, it’s educational and it’s free (unless you choose to pay) and it’ll probably tempt you into seeing his proper storytelling show.