5 Good Reasons to See: #DearDiary by Andi Snelling

1. Self-Quoting Satire. Unwittingly written by a child, a teenager and an adult over the course of 20+ years, #DearDiary contains diary entries performed VERBATIM. There’s no holding back. (Sorry, Mum!)


2. #Hashtags. The show is full of them. It’s all about #rehashing the past, after all.


3. That song from Cats. That’s right. You know the one. Don’t pretend you don’t. I will be singing that song, but as you’ve never heard it before.


4. Treasure Hunt at The Butterfly Club. A magical world of copulating cocktails and kooky kitsch just got even better, because when you come to see #DearDiary, you get to seek out your very own, long lost diary. Individually crafted, the diaries are hiding and waiting for YOU somewhere in The Butterfly Club and in the surrounding streets.


5. Vintage suitcases. I had you at vintage, didn’t I?


#DearDiary by Andi Snelling is on at  The Butterfly Club

Tues 22 Sept – Sun 27 Sept