5 Good Reasons to See Isabel Angus in BLISS!

1. Fitspiration.
Looking for some much-needed #fitspiration1 from Melbourne’s newest, fittest #fitspo2?
Want to know how to live your #bestlife? Yes? Then you have No ExcusesTM to miss out on watching Penny’s (Isabel Angus’) motivational Personal JourneyTM, live, and in her (toxin-free) flesh. What will you leave with? Perfect Penny Body Bliss3. (This is also her Instagram/fitstagram3 name, so you can go online and follow her right away for daily fitspiration!)

i. Fitness inspiration. ii. short for Fitspiration. iii. Fit-orientated Instragram.

2. Authenticity. Wellness. Lululemon active-wear. Bliss.
You’d have to be an idiot to not want that.

3. Isabel Angus (the not quite as fit) woman who is masquerading as Penny, is a previous winner of Best Comedy for Isabel and Rachel’s EDGE!’ (Melbourne Fringe 2013). You may recognise her from previous comic characters: Stella, the precocious child star of EDGE! and Jono, the obnoxious teenage boy from Isabel and Rachel’s PRIME! (Melbourne Fringe 2015) Penny is Isabel’s first, non-child character, so come and watch her be a big grown up!

4. No audience participation required. Just specialised knowledge from a self-appointed life guru and internet accreditated wellness/fitness coach. That’s why it’s called ‘Perfect Penny Body Bliss’, not ‘Perfect Tom, Dick and Harry’ Body Bliss. BLISS! is for you.

5. Come along, if you’ve been scratching your heads lately wondering what’s up with the ever-growing wellness/fitspiration obsession.

Isabel Angus performs BLISS! at The Courthouse Hotel Sept 18 – 25