5 Good Reasons to see Carly Milroy in Pee Stick

1. It’s like overhearing your housemate talking to themselves in the loo after they crept in at 3am except with theatrical conventions, multiple personalities and much more sweat.

2. It’s got dancing. Not the impressive kind where you can see people lift their leg as high as you know you could lift your leg if you ever went to those spin classes you’ve been paying for since 2014. The kind where you go: Yep, knee-height is about as high as a human leg should go. The kind with lots of dorky 80s head pops, silent clicking and shoulder shimmies. The kind you love to bust out in the privacy of your own bathroom. That kind of dancing. Heaps of that.

3. It’s at the Courthouse Hotel, North Melbourne, at the convenient time of 7.10pm. Grab a delicious dinner downstairs before OR after the show, depending on your dining personality type.

4. It’s where you can meet a bunch of wonderfully ridiculous women from 12 to 85 years old, in the one handy location! But also only one woman. All the ridiculous women are me.

5. It’s gonna make you laugh all over the head of the person in front of you, and then go home to call your mum. If you are a mum please come along so I can high-five you in person. You are amazing to me, this show is for you.

Pee Stick is on at Courthouse Hotel – The Jury Room from September 13 to 21