Alice Tovey – Existential Crisis (A Rock Opera)

By Samara Barr 

If you’re into Musical Comedy, intelligent critiques, and against Peter Dutton, then book yourself in to see Alice Tovey – Existential Crisis (A Rock Opera). Known for her sold out 2017 Fringe Show Mansplaining, Tovey dives head first back in to another smart musical number delving into the modern day issues affecting Millennials.

Up in high in the tower of the Coopers Malthouse Theatre, the stage is set for a night of gems with a four piece band ready for action behind a giant red iridescent sequinned TOVEY sign. Alice Tovey saunters out bedazzled in her sparkly sequin David Bowie like full body Jumpsuit and delights the audience with banger after banger.

As a self respecting Millennial and Feminist, I related all too well to Tovey’s chosen topics of contemplation. Opening with the soul inspiring song “One day we’re all going to die” further depressing themes of Zombie Apocalypses, the Housing Crisis, and Climate Change expanded on how screwed we all really are. But Tovey’s humour and dulcet tones made us laugh rather than cry in despair.

The band accompanying Tovey – The Apostles, were flawless in their enhancement of the night, leaving me jigging and bobbing along in my seat. While some songs were a little more somber and mellow, on the whole Tovey’s self introspection and delivery made otherwise bleak topics a blast!

Tovey’s Rock Opera is a sure fire hit, with Millennials especially loving the experience, if you’re a Peter Dutton fan maybe give it a miss but otherwise you’re in for a night of joy, because remember, one day we’re all going to die.

Alice Tovey – Existential Crisis is playing at the Coopers Malthouse Theatre till April 8