Andy Matthews & Alasdair Tremblay-Birchall – Sci-Fi Sketch Experience

By Colin Flaherty

Apparently set in a future after the Robot Apocalypse, the Sci-Fi Sketch Experience is a series of vignettes by the Andy Matthews and Alasdair Tremblay-Birchall. Mankind’s outlook may seem bleak but they introduce us to many wacky characters, lifestyle choices and helpful products that keep the human race ticking along in this wasteland.

Mathews and Tremblay-Birchall have both been in the comedy writing game for years and host a podcast together so it’s only natural that they have put their heads together to produce this brilliant work. Stuffed full of imaginative ideas and witty wordplay, each scene ramps up the absurdity before hitting us with brilliant punchlines. They explore themes from completely surreal to slightly sinister to clever political comment. This is sketch at its finest.

The guys throw themselves into all of their characters with gusto. Performing as a duo, you would expect these scenes to be played using a standard straight man/nutbag format but all of the roles are played manically broad. It’s the varying levels of craziness that keep the laughs coming at a rapid pace. If you’ve ever wanted to see Tremblay-Birchall doing an accent other than his Canadian one, this where you’ll see it (and it’s a fine one too!).

Some scenes make use of video projected onto venetian blinds which reminds me of 80s Sci-Fi Noir ala Blade Runner. The props used in this show are immensely creative and could only come from the warped minds of this duo. Items such as sentient kitchenware and a demonstration device for a sleep disorder has the audience in hysterics. This is a hilarious multimedia experience.

Sci-Fi Sketch Experience is on at Comedy Unexpected until April 8