5 Good Reasons To See Chloe Black in Transistor Sister

1. You will feel a little closer to humanity.

2. You will become a hound for anagrams

(my show features quite a few anagrams, I’m very proud of them. They’re fun and very addictive)

3. A show for introverts and extroverts alike

Whether you’re out,  loud and proud or prefer the creature comforts of home, there is something for everybody!

I’ll even allow you to bring your cup of tea into the venue!

4. Everyone who sees it raves about it. Don’t be left behind, be a part of the buzz, get into it before everyone else does

5. All genders and identities are welcome!

Chloe Black performs Transistor Sister at Pilgrim 20 -28 Sep (not 27) at 8.30