5 Good Reasons To See Emo: Black Santa 

1. Forget the daily hustle of life’s stresses and join in the laughter! Emo will tell you why it’s a bad idea to allow a jolly old man with a white beard to break into your house.

2. Experience culture shock firsthand through the eyes of a South Sundanese refugee.

3. Emo is an award-winning comedian and has a true gift for taking you on a journey through his storytelling.

4. Emo has not only performed across Australia, but through some of America’s biggest cities. From Toronto and at the JFL Comedy Festival in Montreal, all the way to New York City.

5. Not only is he exciting to listen to, but he’s also actually not bad to look at either.

Emo performs Black Santa at Fad Gallery Mar 25 – Apr 17

Tickets Available Here:  https://www.comedyfestival.com.au/2021/shows/black-santa