5 Good Reasons to See Presentation is Everything – An Hour of Power(Point Comedy) 

1. Presentation is Everything is the antidote to every bland lecture, dull pitch and boring presentation you’ve ever had to endure. Come and heal.

2. Sweeney & Ethan just finished a sold out run at the Adelaide Fringe where they swear they went for a comedy tour and not a wine tour(s).

3. The show will be performed at Loop Bar Melbourne – a venue that literally has more indoor house plants than chairs. Zen/10.

4. This Microsoft PowerPoint show is the only festival gig where you can say “I think Bill Gates is behind this” and not sound conspiratorial.

5. The first few shows are very nearly sold out so get in quick. They’d hate for you to have more technical difficulties buying tickets than Sweeney and Ethan did building this PowerPoint show.

Presentation is Everything – An Hour of Power(Point Comedy) is performed by Ethan Cavanagh and Sweeney Preston at Loop Project Space & Bar Wednesdays and Thursdays from March 30 but NOT the 14th!